The Mysterious Hidden

Everything is foggy in the minds of N and Touko. After an unclear event that made the two suffer amnesia, they must embark on a journey together to regain their memories. But Touko notices some things, why did N loose more memories than her? Why was he severely injured when she was not? And what did he do it for... Love? P.S, I would love it if you would add this to your reading list (for those of you pokemon lovers!!) follow me, vote, and comment too! THANKS!!!!!!!!


1. Chapter 1

The sun shown into the room as I slowly woke up. My head hurt and my body ached; I couldn't recall what had happened the night before. I tried to use my hand to support myself to get up, but a sharp pain emitted from my arm and I collapsed back down onto a soft surface: I was on a bed. I looked at my hurting arm and found it wrapped tightly in a white bandage. When I tried to move my left foot, it wouldn't budge, and I could feel a bandage around it as well. What happened to me? I thought. I touched my head with my free hand, a bandage was wrapped around my forehead as well and my head felt wet and hot. As I pulled down my hand, I saw it drenched in a red liquid. Is this... Blood?! I wondered. Suddenly, I heard a click and a door opening. I slowly turned my head to see a young girl enter the room with a towel and a roll of bandages on a silver tray. She was younger than me, probably by five years or so. She had a worried and focused look on her face as she set the tray on a table. When she looked at me, she sighed with relief and began to smile.

"Thank goodness you're awake! How are you feeling?" she asked. How does she know me? I wondered. I looked at her with confusion clouding in my eyes, she returned my look with a worried face. "Does anything hurt? Are you in pain? Please say something!" she desperately questioned. I could not answer, for I needed an explanation of why I was here in this room with her first. Who was she? Why was I here? Who am I? The questions kept racing through my head as I replied weakly,

"What happened?" The girl sighed,

"Well, I don't exactly remember what happened... I just saw you on the ground injured and I rushed back to my house to treat you. You were unconscious, your head bleeding badly, and I was unharmed... I think you saved me..." I saved her? From what? Is that why I'm injured? I tried to connect everything together, but my head started to pulse with pain and I rested my eyes. I managed to ask,

"Who are you? Do you know who I am?" When I reopened my eyes, I could see her face filled with horror and shock.

"Y-you... No... You... Couldn't have!" she cried. I started to worry. Was I supposed to know her, and who I am? I thought. She exhaled and looked at the ground. "I guess you hit your head hard enough to get amnesia..." she thought aloud. She took a deep breath. "Your name is N, and I am Touko. Don't you remember?" she explained. My name... is N? I looked at her and slowly shook my head. I didn't want her to worry, she had already worried enough. Now that my mind was cleared for now, it was time to clear hers. I grabbed her hand.

"Touko..." I said trying to ignore the pain. "My dear Touko, even though I don't remember, and you don't too, we will find out what has happened, to...geth...nngh..." I gave into the pain as everything went dark.

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