Spirits on earth

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  • Published: 16 Mar 2015
  • Updated: 16 Mar 2015
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1. Spirits on earth

On a dark and stormy night deep in the mountains there was a small cottage where the faint sound of a crying baby was heard, for a baby girl had just been born, she had short silver hair and amethyst coloured eyes, she was named Kisa. Kisa's father had short black hair and blue eyes, his name was Hiro. Kisa's mother had long brown hair and green eyes, her name was Masaki.


A few years past and Kisa was now 10 years old, Kisa had grown to a height of 1metre 30, her hair now reached her lower back, and her eyes have gained faint glow, Kisa decided to go for a walk in the forest that surrounded her small cottage she called home. As Kisa was walking she heard a twig snap behind her. She spun around in a defensive position. She saw two men standing in the distance. One man had dark black hair and Dark grey eyes. The other had dark brown hair and hazel coloured eyes. "Is that the girl?" said the brown haired man. "Yeah that's her, i wonder what the boss wants her for." said the black haired man, the men sprinted towards Kisa and knocked her out.


Kisa was starting to come too, when she heard a voice "So you finally decided to wake up did you," said a menacing voice. Kisa tried to move but found that her hands and feet had been bound by chains, the man with the menacing voice saw what she was trying to free her hands and feet. "there's no point in trying to escape those chains, and even if you did manage to escape you still wouldn't be able to find your way out of this cave and back to your home," said the man with the menacing voice. Kisa looked up at the man and froze. What she saw scared her more than anything. The man was not a man at all but was demon. He had big, red and black bat like wings, a black dragon like tail and his eyes looked as though a fire was blazing in them.


Back at Kisa's home Hiro was talking to an officer while Masaki was sitting on the couch crying. Hiro and the officer said their goodbyes. Hiro walked over to the couch and pulled Masaki into his embrace "We will find her," said Masaki looked up at her husband with a tear stained face, flushed cheeks and puffy eyes, "But what if it's him that took her," said Masaki.


After a 'little' bit of torture, Kisa was on the verge of unconsciousness, she had cuts all over her body, a black eye and a sprained wrist, her body was drenched in blood from all the cuts. When Kisa finally succumbed to unconsciousness she had a vision. There was a person with long flowing blonde hair, blue eyes and 'white wings.' Kisa found a mirror in the vision and saw that she had Beautiful silver dove like wings that were a little brighter than her hair, and her eyes glowed brighter than a shooting star. The white winged person started to speak "Hello Kisa, my name is Angela and I'm an angel." Kisa was shocked at what Angela just said. "An Angel?" Kisa looked back at her reflecton in the mirror. "So does that mean I'm dead, am I an angel too?" Kisa said a little scared. Angela flew down in front of Kisa, "You my child are an Angel spirit, born of heaven and earth, one who protects the earth and the innocent people who live on it"  Kisa thought for a moment, 'One who protects the earth and innocent people, how am i supposed to do that, i'm only 10', and as if Angela could read minds, "You will not have to protect until you are 18,." As of then Kisa began her training, Kisa would do flying exercises and combat training, all while in the vision, when she was taking a break she heard a voice.


"d...id, do you think she's dead, KID!!!" the voice yelled once more, Kisa bolted awake. She was angry that the guy woke her up by slapping her across the face, so angry in fact that her wings came out, the men were shocked 'literally' as Kisa had sent a bolt of lighting through their bodies, and broke the chains that bound her, while the men were down she found that as her chance and flew away back to her house, her parents heard a knock at the door, they immediately ran to the door only to be greeted by a silver winged version of their daughter.


Back at the cave where Kisa was Kept, the men that had been hit with lightning were being yeld at by the demon, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN SHE ESCAPED!!!" the men were cowering, "We're sorry sir, but she surprised us when she woke up, wings came out of her back," the demon was getting angrier "OF COARSE SHE HAS WINGS SHE'S AN ANGEL SPIRIT, THAT'S WHY I WANTED HER!!!, tell me what happened after her wings came out," the men were dumbstruck. "When we looked into her eyes it felt like the world was disappearing around us until we felt a lightning bolt shoot through our bodies," said one of the men. "how did she learn to do that," the demon said under his breath.


Back at Kisa's house there was a discussion. "HOW COULD YOU NOT TELL ME I WAS AN ANGEL SPIRIT!!!" yelled Kisa, her parents were shocked from her outburst, "we were going to tell you when you were older," said Masaki, Kisa was about to speak when all of a sudden the demon crashed through the roof. "How did you find me?" said Kisa the demon turned to face Kisa, "i followed the trail you left." said the demon with a "What trail?" said Kisa, confused "The one you leave behind when you fly," snickered the demon Kisa thought for a moment, 'Oh man, i forgot to hide my spirit energy,' "Yeah, Well you won't find me this time," said Kisa as she grabbed her parents and flew away to safety, remembering to hide her spirit energy. the demon was never heard of again and Kisa became a fine young Angel spirit, with her parents cheering her on every step of the way.

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