Abaddon's Story

A poem based on the character Abaddon from the CW show Supernatural.


1. Abaddon

~~You’re old, even for a demon.
You saw Lilith as an elder sister,
Alastair as a younger cousin,
And Azazel as a prophet.

You are old enought to remember things
That younger demons can only dream about.

The glorious hiss of Lucifer’s voice
As he called out to you
And knighted you.
Ice piercing your spirit
With his touch.

He renamed you, then.

A name full of consonants in the human tongue
Falling like hammer strikes
And the breaking of bones.

You remember.

Your god made you strong,
Unkillable to all but his own true kin.
He made you to last longer than Hell itself.

You will never forget this.

When you arrive in the new century,
You learn of an atrocity
Worse than feeling the deaths of the other knights,
Worse than watching humans lose their fear.

A merchant has declared himself

Worse yet than this
  is that everyone has accepted it.
They fear him.

They act like they don’t remember the sound
Of Lilith’s screaming,
Howling up from deep in the pit.
Or Azazel’s wrath raining down
As fire and razors.

They have forgotten
What a real king looks like.
They have forgotten
That the thunder in Hell
Isn’t thunder at all.
But is actually Lucifer beating his wings against the cage
Hammering at the bars and screaming
For someone to listen.
They have all forgotten.

But you remember.

You vow to march intoHeall and wake them all,
Leaving the old king to fall to victim
To the hunters that unwittingly helped you rise
So you could tear it all down.

Because if you burn,
They will all burn
With you.


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