Lily Ray isn't a easy person to get to know. She try's to keep out people so they don't get hurt, but what happens when she can't keep out Luke Hemmings. But when he becomes famous their world gets flipped upside down.


1. chapter 1

Lily's POV-

Last day of school is finally here thank god because it's a living hell there with out Rachel since she passed

It's still hard to think about her

losing your best mate since 3rd grade at 17 is hard

I still can't believe she really gone and because a drunk driver was stupid enough to go on the roads

I finally get up trying to stop my thoughts before they become tears

I put on my favorite nirvana shirt and skinny jeans before heading into the bathroom

Grabbing my eye liner and mascara and put it on till it looks some what okay

I head out to the kitchen and notice my dads on the couch

Nothing new, him and mom probably got into a fight again

"Hey Lil?" I hear my mum shout

"Yeah mum" I say kinda annoyed it's to early

"Have a good day at least try" she tells me trying to get me to make new friends

She should know I don't like talking to people since my anxiety

"Yeah yeah whatever" I reply now annoyed

I start to put on my shoes

"Okay love you" she shouts half asleep

I grab my keys off the hook and head out the door

Jumping in the car and starting it

Music starts blaring I turn it down a bit and head off to my last day of school as a senior


It's sixth hour and I head to my locker grabbing my books for the next class

I trip over nothing and my books and papers go every where making me panic

I nervously gather my papers and get up to go to my next class

I hope nobody notices that

I hate being put on the spot

"Hey! I think you dropped a few papers" A kid I've seen a few times around starts shouting

"U-uh thanks" I say with a small smile

I think his name is Michael?

"Yeah no problem" he shrugs smiling back

"Your Lily right?" He questions

"Y-yeah" I say nervously as I put my papers into my book

"My names Michael" he says indicating I was right

"Okay well thank you again Michael but I gotta head to class so..." I say turning on my heal

"See you around Lily" he replies walking to his class

Well that was a little awkward

I walk into Mrs.Roes class and sit at my seat

I can't even think straight

I just wanna get out of here

I wanna get out of this school and go home and relax

I look up at the rest of the class and everyone is talking to someone but me

I don't really have any friends if you can't tell

I'm not very out going in school so it's hard for me to make any

I hear the bell finally

Grabbing my stuff I leave my class and go to my locker to grab my bag

I throw my reading book in there from sixth hour and grab my keys

Closing my locker I notice the kid Michael is next to me

"Hey Lily come here" he speaks up once he notices I saw him

I walk over there

He's standing next to two other guys which I think are in a grade below us

"Hey" I say giving a smile kinda

"So you happy about leaving this place for good" Michael asks

"Yeah finally outta this hell hole" who wouldn't wanna be out of high school

He laughs lightly

I notice a boy with blonde hair next to him

He's actually kinda cute

And on his other boy who has black hair I think his names Calum?

I don't know the other guys name thinking of it

"Well I gotta catch the bus" Calum says interrupting my thoughts

"Yeah me too" Michael agreed with him

"See you later tonight Luke" Calum tells the other guy which I guess his name is Luke

They walk out the door leaving me to head to my car

"So you have a car?" Luke ask walking with me

"Yeah got it not to long ago" I tell him

"Cool, cool" he says awkwardly

"So your names Lily right?" He says trying to make conversation

"Yeah and yours is Luke?" I ask making sure

"Yup" was his simple reply

"Well see you around Luke" I tell him seeing I'm close to my car

"Yeah I hope to see you soon Lily"

I get to my car unlocking it and starting it

Well that wasn't that bad he's kinda cool I guess

I begin driving and turn up the music before my thoughts carry me away


Finally home from school I throw my keys on the table and hop onto the couch

Today was really hard not having Rachel around

Seeing everyone cry about how they won't see there mates often

I will never see Rachel again

It's been 8 months and she's still all I think about because she was my other half

The sister that was always there to talk, to hug you when you cry, to laugh at stupid things with

I still can't believe it

I miss her so much

I wipe my face noticing a few tears have fallen

I turn on the tv and decide to take a nap it's been a long day


Hey again I hoped you liked it there will be more of the guys in the next chapters but I wanted you guys to get Lilys story

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