Love at firt site


1. Alison POV

"GET DOWN HERE ALISON" Dan said(my step dad." He beats me every day because my mom died and there is no one there to stop him. I quickly ran down stairs, he was sitting on the couch and I went over to him. As soon as I got over there he had a belt in his hand and started hitting me with it. I screamed loud and that only mad him hit harder " SHUT THE HELL UP" he said while beating me , I fell to the grown. Hours later he had stopped. Yes he beats me for hours. I limped up to my room. I went to the closet and go my suit case, I've been planning this for years and now is my chance. I had a tree in front of my window and jumped out. I ran.ran so fast intill I couldn't. I stopped and rolled over. I had to catch my breath, I went into a ally "hopefully nobody will see me here" I whisper to myself I layer down and slowly fell asleep

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