Lieutenant James Hutcherson; dead, killed in battle. August 13th, 1945.
Dieter Hark; killed a lieutenant, awarded a medal for his services to the army. August 13th, 1945.

Two men. Two sides. One story.

Not theirs.


1. The Letters

Dear Carol Hutcherson,

It is with our deepst regrets that we inform you of your husband, lieutenant James Hutcherson's death on August 13th 1945. His funeral shall be arranged for, and held on September 3rd 1945.


We thank you for his life.



War Office of Great Britain





Dear Gisela Hark,


It is with the utmost pride that we announce your husband's killing of a high up officer in the opposing Allied army. James Hutcherson was killed by your husband, Dieter Hark, on August 13th 1945. For his services to the army, your hsband is to be awarded a medal, and promoted to lieutenant.



War Office of Germany






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