A story that will be created by your comments. I started it now you have to help me finish it.
It is mostly going to be about one direction. But I think I want Joey Graceffa to be in it too.

In the beginning Tyler wants to start her singing career. As a help her mom sent her to live with the one and only One Direction. There will be love and heart break on the way, but will she be able to overcome it?

You get to decide what happens next so please comment what you think.
ENJOY!!! ;)


1. Backstory.

I'm Tyler.

I used to live in a small town in New York.

Tomorrow I move to London.

I guess my mom 'knows' people so I get to move in with some band.

My luck they are just some band that had one hit and I will be stuck changing there diapers.

This morning around two a.m. I turned eighteen.

I said my goodbyes to my friends yesterday because I wanted today to myself. I guess I'm selfish.

I am actually moving to London to start a singing career. It honestly has always been my dream. Except through the pet salon stage.

I just woke up it is ten thirty in the morning and I feel exhausted. I jump out of bed and go down stairs. I'm make myself some toast with Nutella on it. After I eat, I go back upstairs and I go back to bed.


I wake up and get ready. Shower, make up, clothes. I was wearing simple jeggings, and a hoodie. I put on some mascara and lip gloss. I have been packed for awhile now. I am just excited to get to London. I have previously been informed that a car will be there to pick me up from the airport.

My mom takes me to the airport, I hug her goodbye and run to catch my flight.

As I get settled in my seat, I put my head phones in and put on music. Hmm. One Direction. I have listened to them a bit but I never pay much attention. Whatever.

I start to does off.......



Hey!!! I hope you guys like this chapter.

Feel free to comment opinions or how the book should go.

I think you guys should determine the story line.


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