The village under our sofa.

As I was left alone at home I discovered another life , just under our sofa. But they betrayed me!


1. The Village Under Our Sofa.

During my summer holidays my mum used to leave me alone at home as she goes to help grandma. To be honest being left at home alone is not that enjoyable and having noone to communicate with even makes it less enjoyable.


One day my mum left earlier than usual and as she left I sat down on the sofa staring, just like a lost person in the middle of the woods. As I was staring at myself in the mirror placed opposite to the sofa, I started to hear several instruments playing cheerfully. I was schocked ; all of these sounds where coming from underneath the sofa.


I peeked to see from where it was coming and I saw a small village with tiny persons. When they noticed me they stopped immediately , in a split of a second. They started shouting uncontrollably until their master appeared, he bowed at me and gave me a small bottle of potion to drink. I drank it and felt myself shrinking and getting smaller and smaller.


The master took me on a tour around the village and it was amazing. There were so many trees around and it also consisted of a number of bridges all over the place. Their clothes were unique and they all had a hood to wear on their heads. Then the master invited me to his office and as I entered the master gave a sudden signal with his right hand and I felt myself going upwards. I was trapped!


Then from up there I saw a drawing of myself on the rightside of his office. They've betrayed me ; they've been planning to do this for a long time and then I only had to suffer in the village placed under our sofa!

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