Jessamine East is finally escaping her mother, the beast of Eastwick Estate. She is taking the first steps out of her past and into her future, an escape. And where does she plan to go? Australia, a land unknown, surrounded by the sea and far enough away from the rest of the world that she can pretend for her short escape that she never has to go home.


1. So Far

"Jessamine! Time for your lessons!" Oh, the pain. Mother wakes me each morning at nine sharp, I receive an hour to dress and have my breakfast, then I spend the next two hours in my lessons, studying everything from the Ancient Egyptians to the Modern iPhone to the magma below us and the planets above us. Each morning begins with a test of yesterdays work and then we study a program predetermined by Mother of which I am not privy. Then after a light lunch, I practice my sports and music, Monday is lacrosse and violin, Tuesday is track and opera, Wednesday is yoga/Pilates and piano, Thursday is dance and back to violin, Friday is water sports and simple singing, Saturday is my night off and Sunday is soccer and languages. I am always tested, I never know when the tests will come but they are constant. So far I am a master at Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern, Hip Hop, Swing, Flamenco, and Latin dancing. I can speak eight languages, can sing and play four instruments and I know a lot of information. Finally, lessons finish at five, then I am free to read any book I like, but I must write at least one report a week on any one of the books I've read. 

I've been on such a rigorous course of lessons since I was four. I don't have many friends since I'm home schooled but I know people from the sports teams I play on and they all seem very nice. Since my family is very influential and wealthy, I believe they think if they're nice to me, I can help their families better themselves somehow? But, this is all about to change. My first solo trip out of the country is happening soon. Ever since I was sixteen I have been begging for this trip, and finally I am allowed to go wherever I like over the course of a single month, solo. Everything and anything is ripe for the taking. Mother is furious that Father said I could go, she thinks it will disrupt my studies and I will forget everything I have ever learned in my 14 years of her schooling. But now, I am turning eighteen and my trip is coming up. I simply cannot wait.

So, from October 1st to November 1st I am free to roam and explore the earth at my leisure. I want to find an island, maybe steal a car, lose my virginity and buy a dog. I am not stupid enough to believe I will fall in love but I am not adverse to the idea. The first place I plan to go to, is Australia. It's big, it's hot, their languages are strange and it's not too wild. 

Let's get back to today. 
"Jessamine! Time for your lessons!" Mother calls through the comm by my door. Its just after breakfast on a Saturday and tonight, I will pack and tomorrow, I finally get to leave. Rising from my balcony table I leave the dishes, Melody will get them, and make my way down the long spiral staircase, my steps light and graceful, I know Mother is watching and she will chide me if I am at all unladylike. Making my way through into the lesson room I take my seat and look attentive. 

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