In a dystopian future, a man is put on trial for his own suicide.


1. Chapter One

Philip became suddenly aware. 
He did not know it yet, but his brain had been removed from his body and attached to a machine, capable of reading his thoughts and translating them into words as well as listening to the words of others and interpreting them as thoughts. 
Presently someone spoke. 'Philip Greening, my name is Lord Justice Simmons and I am here to inform you that you hereby stand charged of murder in the fifth degree: the murder of one's own person. Once you have been un-muted you may speak, though do bare in mind that anything you do say, can, and will, be used against you in court.' There was a faint clicking sound as Philip's speaking mechanism was activated. He did not speak for a few minutes as he contemplated what he was going to say. In his minds eye he could see his final moments playing over and over again as he jumped off of the bridge and on to the underpass below. 
'I have done nothing wrong,' he said finally, 'and that is all I have to say on the matter.' 'Very well,' said the Judge. 'You will be left now with Dr. Fitzgerald who will answer any questions you may have. Just so you know, the conversation will be recorded.' Philip heard only the faintest sound of receding footsteps before his train of thought was interrupted by Dr. Fitzgerald. 
'Mr. Greening, I am aware that this process of reawakening, as it were, can be very stressful. Is there anything you would like to discuss?' 
'Yes, what will happen to me?' 
'Are you sure you don't want to discuss anything related to your current condition?' 'That is related to my current condition.' 
'Very well, as you wish. If found guilty of any of the charges held against you, you will be put into storage but will remain conscious.' 
'What does that mean, exactly?' 
'Well, say your sentence was five years; it would be like being awake for five years. No rest, no sleep, no breaks, no conversation - ' 
'No nothing.' 
'Well, technically that's a double negative Mr. Greening, it would - ' 
'I know what a double negative is. Is there anything else I need to know?' 
'If you have no further questions then the only other thing you need to know is that your meeting with your lawyer is in three weeks: a day before the trial.' 
'Very well, and what do I do until then?' 
'Until then you shall be switched off.' 
Dr. Fitzgerald pressed a button on the side of the machine and Philip was placed into sleep mode.

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