How Did They End Up Here?

When I tell people I met 5 Seconds of Summer, they think that I met them when I went to their concert, or I saw them when running from paparazzi, but it's not that glamorous. I met them an unusual way, a way you normally don't meet famous people.


1. One

When I tell people I met 5 Seconds Of Summer, they think that I met them when I went to their concert, or I saw them when running from the paparazzi, but it's not that glamorous. I met them in an unusual way, a way you normally don't meet famous people.

I was in the living room, watching Harry Potter. It was around two in the afternoon, and I had a shirt with two gnomes and a penguin that said 'Chillin' with my gnomies' on it and pajama pants. Harry was just about to defeat Voldemort when the doorbell rang. "Seriously?" I muttered to myself. "They interuppted my movie." I smoothed down my hair really quickly and opened the door, expecting to see the UPS man. Instead, I saw four tall guys. Oh my god, it was 5 Seconds of Summer! "Hi!" Ashton said, smiling. "I'm Ashton!" 

"Yeah..." I said awkwardly. "I know who you guys are."

"Cool" he said. "May we come in?" 

"Uh, why?" I asked, confused yet excited that Luke, Ashton, Calum, and Michael were at my door.

"Our bus broke down and we're all alone and out of food and have no where to stay." Michael interrupted. 

"Why are you guys in my neighborhood?" I asked. 

"We were bored" Ashton said. "So, can we come in?" 

"Yeah" I said. "What are you watching?" Luke asked.

"Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2" I answered.

"Oh" he said. "Do you guys want to do something, or do you need anything?" I asked. "What can we do?" Calum asked. "We could go in the basement and play the Xbox or something." "Why is it in the basement?" Michael asked. "I dunno, my dad put it there." I replied. We went down and they looked around. I'm not going to lie, my basement is pretty awesome. It is big, and we have our old flat screen down there. We have and Xbox, a Wii, a Playstation 3, and a Nintendo. We have a pool table that can turn into a ping pong table and a Barbie house. "So, what's your name?" Luke asked me. I turned around. "Lexie." "Cool name." He said. "Thanks" I said as I blushed.Luke Hemmings called my name cute!! We played Just Dance 2015 for awhile, and as  they danced to She Looks So Perfect, they tried tondeduce who was who. "I think the one in the snapback is Luke" Michael stated. "And Ashton is the one in the other hat" Calum chimed in. "Michael is the one that lifts his shirt up" Ashton said, giggling. "And Calum is the one with the baggy pants." Luke concluded.

Around six, we decided to have dinner. "I can't cook very well" I admitted. "Well, shit." Ashton said. "We aren't the best chefs ever either." We all thought for a moment. "How about these chicken thingies?" I asked, pulling them out of the freezer. "Sure." They said. While we were eating, we told, heard, and learned new dirty jokes and words. At the end of dinner I could hardly breathe. I told them a story about my friend Lindsey, who was obsessed with  Skrilex, and how my other friend, Ivan, told jokes about them doing dirty things. It was hilarous. We went in my room and talked for a while. "Let's play truth or dare!" Mikey yelled. "Yeah" we all shouted. "Ok. Calum, truth or dare?" Michael asked Calum. "Dare" he replied. "I dare you to go eat a spoonful of... mustard!!!" Michael said. "Ewwww!" I yelled, holding a pillow and giggling. I quickly stood up and pulled my hair back as I followed them into the kitchen, in case I had to do anything weird as my dare. After he ate the mustard, he drank two huge glasses of tea. 

"Ok, Lexie. Truth or dare?" I pretended to think a minute. "Dare." I said. "I dare you to read aloud all the songs you have on every Spotify playlist you had." I typed in my passcode and went throigh my embarrisingly long list of 5SOS songs, a few other songs by other artists, and some Green Day songs. My cheeks were burning at the end and when I looked up, they all had these goofy smiles on their faces.

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