Demon Love (Muke)

Everyone has a demon. What happens when a demon falls in love with his human? Read to find out.


1. *1*

Luke's POV

   I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. I groaned and slowly opened my eyes. I looked at the caller ID and saw that it was Ashton. I clicked the answer button and put the phone to my ear.

   "Hello" I said as I groggily got out of my bed.

   "Awwe, did I wake little Lukey up?" Ashton asked. I could practically hear the smirk in his voice. Sometimes I wonder why I am still friends with him.

   "Shut it Irwin, What do you want?" I grumbled. You would too if your friend woke up at seven in the morning.

   "Did you forget that we start school today?" He asked. I mentally face-palmed and walked over to my closet. I literally did forget that we started today. Why can't we just get an entire year off of school? That would make everything so much easier.

   "Yes Ash, I did forget. I got too focused during the summer that I didn't notice how quick it flew by" I said grabbing some clothes.

   "Look on the bright side Luke, its senior year. After this, we will be free to do whatever we want; until our parents send us off to college" He replied. I nodded before I realized that he couldn't see me.

   "I know Ash. Look, I have to go and get ready. I'll see you in a few minutes" I said.

   After hanging up, I put on some black skinny jeans and a Green Day shirt. I didn't really have time to take a shower. After getting dressed, I brushed my teeth and did my hair. I quickly grabbed my phone and bag. I walked down the stairs and went outside to wait for Ashton. About two minutes later, Ashton pulled up. I had to get in the back because Calum was in the front.

   "So, how was your summer Lucas?" Calum asked with a smirk. He knows I hate when he calls me that.

   "Don't call me that" I said, causing Calum and Ashton to laugh at me. I swear, these two are the biggest jerks you will ever meet.

   "I'm sorry Luke, but your reaction is always funny" Calum replied.

    I just crossed my arms and looked out the window. The rest of the car ride was silent. I was actually dreading going to school. I don't want to have to deal with all the people talking shit about us like we can't hear them. Hello, we're not deaf, we can hear you.

   Ashton pulled up to the school and parked. We all got out and walked into the building, ignoring the snickers coming from everyone else. We all went to our lockers which were on the same hall. When I got to my locker, I noticed a boy with bright red hair staring at me. I decided to ignore him and opened my locker. I got everything I needed and turned around, only to see the boy standing right behind.

   "C-can I-I help y-y-you?" I stuttered. He just smirked and looked me up and down.

   "No, I just needed a closer view of you" He stated. Before I could say anything, he turned around and walked off. That is the weirdest and scariest thing that has ever happened to me. I quickly made my way back to Ashton's locker.

Michael's POV

   I went to class after my little encounter with Luke. To say he was hot would be an understatement. There are literally no words to explain how good looking he is. I sat in the back of the classrooms and waited for everyone else. Two minutes later people start walking into the class room.

   I watched the door as I waited for Luke to enter the class. My dad made it to where I had every class with him. I have no problem with that, I actually enjoy watching him. I saw him enter the room with his friend Ashton. He looked straight at me and I could see that he was a little scared which made me happy. I looked around and noticed that the only seats left were right in front of me. Perfect.

   "Ok class, I am Mrs. Smith. You are not to be on your phones unless you want me to take them. There will be no talking and you will take notes if you want to pass this class." The teacher explained, walking into the classroom.

   She started talking about something involving the periodic table but the only thing I was paying attention to was the cute blonde sitting in front of me. He turned around and looked at me.

   "Can you please stop staring at me" He whispered, causing me to smirk.

   "No, I like watching you. I also like seeing you scared" I said, causing his cheeks to turn pink. I smirked knowing that I was the cause of it. Watching him be all flustered and scared brings a smile to my face. He turned back around and I could tell that he was scared still. This is going to be fun. I can't wait until he's alone, I'll be able to talk to him more. ;-)

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