Fayde to Fear

The son of Jack Skellington is BEST FRIENDS with the niece of Oogie Boogie?! Well...I suppose stranger things have happened in Halloween Town. Fayde Darkmatter is a not-so-scary Boogieman. Her twin brother, Shayde, on the other hand is a natural and their father, Gore's, favorite. While Shayde uses the shadows to create someone's worst fear, shy Fayde prefers to hide INSIDE them and watch the people of Halloween Town. She is a lover of music, poetry, and the quiet of the night. Jake is really the only one in Halloween Town who can get her to open up and speak. She spends most of her time in the shadows, not knowing that an evil presence lies within and begins to manipulate her. Can Jake save his best friend, or will she be swallowed up by the darkness she loves so much?

((The Skellington Siblings belong to TC-96 on www.deviantart.com))
((Lily Wolf belongs to Dryft-Art on www.deviantart.com))


1. The Girl in the Shadows

Halloween was in full swing. The mayor led the entire town in song as they returned to their home after spending the evening in the world of humans. In the front of the parade was a tall skeleton and a beautiful ragdoll with red yarn for hair. Dancing around them were three spooky children. The eldest was a twelve year old skeleton boy with a mess of red hair. He wore a gray button down long sleeve, black pants, brown shoes, and a black cloak with a single gray patch. The cloak was held on by a large bat bow tie (an exact replica of his father's) and a piece of golden rope.

Behind him was his eight year old little sister, another ragdoll with her long red hair pulled into a ponytail with a black elastic band. Her black dress stopped just below her knees, her shoulders covered with a piece of dark gray cloth designed to look like spider webs. Like her brother, she wore brown shoes. In her hand was a large staff, the ip exploding into various colors.

Behind her was the smallest child and another ragdoll. Like his siblings, the two year old had a mop of red hair. His shirt was a black and white striped short sleeve, a pair of shorts sewn from many different pieces of colored fabric, and brown shoes. He carried in his hand a screwdriver, his mind obviously somewhere else.

These were the Skellington children; Jake, Sadie, and Cedric. Jack and Sally, their parents, watched them with pride as their own voices rose and fell among the chorus.

As soon as the parade reached the town square, the song finished and everyone gave a great cheer.

"We did it," Jake said, clenching his skeletal fingers into a pair of fists, "that was awesome!"

"Our best yet," Sadie nodded in agreement, "did you hear Lily's howl?"

Jake blushed and glanced over at his girlfriend. The blue furred werewolf caught his eye and smiled. Her father, Claude, laid a proud hand on her shoulder. Blushing as her father began to recount the event of her howling skills, she pushed a strand of her ebony hair behind a large wolf ear.

"She was loud," Cedric stated, earning a laugh from his family, "What? She was!"

"Kids," they all turned to face Jack, "your mother and I are so proud of you!"

"Thanks dad," Jake smiled back, "were we terrifying?"

His father gave the largest smile his skull would allow, "Simply horrid!"

The siblings gave a cheer and each ran off to find their friends.

"Hey Lily," Jake laid a gentle hand on her shoulder, "I heard your howl! You're getting really good."

She blushed "Thanks Jake. How about you? How many people did you scare?"

Before he could answer, the world went dark around him. Giving a cry of terror the skeleton tried to regain his eyesight, only to pause when he heard familiar laughter. Reaching up, he removed his cloak (which had been flipped over her head) to glare at the tall boy standing beside him.

He, too, was twelve years old with long black hair covering his right eye. His left was a deep green, standing out against his pale skin. He wore a long sleeved red shirt beneath a burlap t-shirt. The shirt had many different shades, each belonging to a different patch. His black pants became loose towards his ankles, barely covering his darkbrown shoes.

"Shayde," Jake scowled, "that wasn't funny!"

"Aw," the boogieman sneered, tussling the shorter monster's hair, "was itty bitty bonehead afwaid?"

"Knock it off!"

Shayde Darkmatter was the nephew of Oogie Boogie, the town's most talented boggieman and his father's arch nemesis. Though human looking, Shayde was just as cruel as his uncle. He enjoyed scaring anyone, not just humans.

Lily growled deep in her throat, "Come on, Shayde. Quit it."

"You need girls to fight for you, bonehead?"

"Quit calling me that!"

"Don't be fooled, Lily," Shayde sneered, "this clown can't even make babies cry!"

"Shut up!"

"How many humans did you scare then? I lost count of how many I sent screaming."

Jake fell silent. In truth, he had barely scared anyone. The human world scared him far more than Shayde ever could.

"That's what I thought," the boogieman glanced back towards Lily and winked, "if you ever want to hang out with a real monster, give me a call."

"Not on your afterlife, Darkmatter!"

Laughing, Shayde shoved Jake aside and walked towards a taller man with different colored hair and eyes. Gore Darkmatter, Shayde's father, smirked and laid a hand on his shoulder. Jake shivered at the sight of his face. The left was mangled and sewn together. Everyone knew not to ask about the fight that had earned Gore the scar. He had been fighting with a goblin, who tore out his eye and insulted his wife. In retaliation, Gore had ripped off the goblin's face (eyeball included) and sewn it to his own. Due to the goblin DNA, the hair around the area had turned a dark green.

The Darkmatter family hated the Skellingtons, due to Jack's encounter with Oogie Boogie. It had taken Gore nearly a month to catch enough bugs to refill his older brother's burlap sack. The two families had never gotten along, and Shayde took every opportunity to make Jake's afterlife a living nightmare.

"Don't listen to him Jake," Lily soothed, "you're an amazing monster."

Instead of answering, Jake stormed off and left Lily standing with a sad look on her face.


Making his way to the pumpkin patch behind his house, Jake could see the smoke started to pour from his bones. If he was not careful, he would catch fire again. That always happened whenever he got angry or scared. He had burned down many buildings in Halloween Town by accident after one of Shayde or Sadie's pranks. He frowned, opening the gate and quickly closing it behind him. As he made his way towards the spiral hill, he heard a familiar bark of joy. Turning, he greeted the ghost dog as it approached him.

"Hey Zero," he said softly, "how was your Halloween?"

The dog merely smiled and flipped through the air.

"Yeah, mine wasn't so great," small flames burst from his fists as he scowled, "darn that Shayde! Curse the entire Darkmatter family! He embarrassed me...in front of Lily! They're nothing but lying, cheating, sneaky little rats!"

"Is that really how you see us," the pair jumped at the new voice, "I suppose I have to agree with you in some spots, but not all of us are that bad."

Jake gazed around, looking for the source of the voice. Finding no one, he shared a look with Zero.

"Where are you?"

"A safe place. I, um, I'm not allowed to participate in Halloween."

"Not allowed," Jake gasped, "that's terrible! Why can't you participate?"

"Daddy says I'm not good enough," the voice sighed, "not scary enough. He doesn't want me to embarrass the family."

Jake continued to gaze around. The voice belonged to a girl and sounded more like a whisper than anything. Zero began sniffing around, hoping to catch a scent.

"Who are you?"

The voice remained quiet for many moments before softly replying, "A friend."

"That doesn't answer my question," the girl didn't answer, "why don't you come on out? I'd like to see you."

"Oh...um...I don't think that's a good idea."

"Why not?"

"I'm a Darkmatter. You don't like us."

Jake frowned in slight shame. He did just curse the girl's family.

"I'm sorry," he said, "I didn't mean everything I said. I was just angry."

The voice didn't answer. Jake continued to gaze around.

"Are you still here?"

When she didn't answer, Jake assumed she had left. Giving a sigh, he turned to leave. As he did, he caught sight of something out of the corner of his eyesocket. Turning, he watched in amazement as the shadow of the hill began to ripple like water. A face appeared, followed by a tiny body. The girl was deathly pale with crimson eyes and long black hair which she let lay wild about her. She wore a navy blue long sleeve with the upper sleeves cut, faded black pants, a pair of brown belts (one to keep her pants up and one to lay crooked on her hip), and black boots.

Giving a cry of surprise, Jake fell backwards onto his rear. Zero began to growl as the last of the shadow released her. Folding her hands behind her back, the girl avoided his gaze.

Getting over his surprise, Jake got up and dusted himself off. He approached her, causing her eyes to widen with fear. She back up, trying to decide whether or not to leap back into the shadow.

"No, it's ok," Jake said quickly, rising his hands, "I'm sorry. Is it okay if I come closer?"

The Darkmatter girl didn't answer, rather she avoided his gaze once again.

"What's your name? Mine is Jake Skellington."

Her eyes traveled towards him once again, "Um...I'm...Fayde."

"Fayde," Jake repeated, causing her to turn completely away from him to hide her blush, "so how are you related to the Darkmatters?"

"I'm Shayde's twin," Fayde answered, "he's the older one though. And the better Boogieman."

"Sister," Jake's sockets widened in surprise, "I didn't know he was a twin."

Before she could answer, she jumped at the sound of the gate creaking open.

"Jake," Lily called out, "you here?"

Turning, Jake smiled and waved her over, "Over here, Lily! There's someone I want you to meet."

As she approached him, Lily gave a confused look, "Your dog?"

"No," Jake laughed, pointing behind him, "her!"

Lily paused before turning back to him, "Who?"

Confused, Jake turned to find Fayde nowhere to be seen.

Surprised, he searched the shadows to no prevail, "Fayde? Where did you go?"

Lily's eyes widened in shock, "Did you just say Fayde? As in Fayde Darkmatter?"

"Yeah," the skeleton smiled, "she's really nice! Not at all like Shayde. Did you know they're twins?"

Lily nodded, "What I'm surprised about is that she's actually out of her house! The only time I've heard of her coming out is to go to school."

"She goes to school with us?"

His girlfriend gazed at him in utter shock, "She sits RIGHT BEHIND YOU, numbskull!"

"She does?!"

Instead of saying anything else, Lily tussled his hair, "You really are a numbskull."

He chuckled and rearranged his locks until they sat perfectly again.

"Come on," she said, smiling and taking his hand in her paw, "she's probably long gone by now."


Fayde watched as Lily led Jake back out of the pumpkin patch, a small smile playing at her lips. Laying a hand on her chest, she could feel her heart still racing. She had done it. She had finally talked to him.

"Did you see that," she asked aloud, "I did it! I can't believe it!"

"You think that changes anything," another voice sneered within the shadow, "he's not yours. He never will be. That DOG has him leashed and tamed. You do realize that, don't you?"

"Of course I do," she said softly, a tear rolling down her cheek before she smiled again, "But I'll be happy just to be his friend."

And with that, Fayde traveled through the Dark Tunnels until she found the shadow she searched for. Leaving the darkness, she found herself back in her room. Outside her window, she could hear the mayor announcing this year's prizewinners. She rolled her eyes as her brother won pretty much every Young Monster awards. Leaping in the air, she landed on her bed with a soft "oomph". Reaching under her pillow, she pulled out Halloween Junior High's scarebook. Flipping though the pages, she found Jake's. He had worn a black and orange hoodie that day. He smiled at the camera, sending butterflies through her stomach.

"Yeah," she said, putting the book away, "I'd be happy just being friends."

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