Hey everyone! I've ended up with quite a few covers for my new movella, The Painted Secrets of Carmelita Hawthorn, but they're all so amazing that I'm having trouble choosing between them all. So, there will be a different cover posted in each chapter, and it would be awesome if you could vote for your favourite(s)! IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ENTER A COVER, JUST POST IT IN A MUMBLE THAT YOU'VE TAGGED ME IN AND I'LL ADD IT HERE ASAP. :)


1. How This Works

Vote by commenting your favourite cover. You can vote at any time. The winning entry is the entry with the most overall votes at the end of this. The winning entry will become the cover for 'The Painted Secrets of Carmelita Hawthorn', and the top five entries will win a free shoutout and CC on any one of their movellas.  

 Enter by making a mumble with the cover in and tagging me. :)


----> If you want to enter the cover competition, here's some information you might want:

Author Name: Mirlotta

Movella Name: The Painted Secrets of Carmelita Hawthorn

Blurb: A WELL KNOWN FACT:  Carmelita Hawthorn is hardly popular. 
A LESSER KNOWN FACT: She's also the one painting people's secrets on the walls of Lower Danford Grammar School. 
A BLATANT LIE: Reuben Dovey isn't trying to get her expelled.

Summary: It's a realism/romance, about a girl who graffitis on her school walls and a boy who's trying to get her expelled because his friend is being blamed for it. Carmelita has blonde/light brown hair and Reuben has dark hair. If you want more information, the movella is published. :) 



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