Alphabiography Collection

My first class has assigned me with a project that involves creating a paragraph for each letter of the alphabet. I have written these from the heart and the mind. I need real criticism on them.


1. B *not in order*

B is for Beauty



      It seems that everyone is a little obsessed with the idea of beauty. What is beauty, really? Someone who looks appealing to society? It's a combination of qualities, shape, color, or form that pleases the sight. People, more likely society, tell young children how to look or that being their own beauty is disgusting. You MUST be this or that to fit in. Girls should be skinny with a figure to die for, and should have flawless long hair. Boys are considered to grow up with the perfect body,perfect face, tough like a man, but also understanding and sensitive. Everyone has their own beauty. We're rejected because we're not what the definition of beauty "is". How are we not living up to this? Is being yourself instead of a Barbie doll that horrible? Beauty shouldn't be judged by appearance, but the soul. No one can really defined the meaning of beauty. I can say that, speaking for myself, beauty comes within everyone.


Life Lesson: They don't see this or know it, but everyone is the definition of beauty. It's not what we're satisfied seeing, but it's us being satisfied with ourselves.

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