a mothers pledge


1. a mothers pledge

A mother lode.

You chose to take the mothers plege

One to hold the child like cotton fluff

No right nor wrong to bring on them

Except one child that broke these rule


The frist came and bright as light

You took In your arm of worried trust

To hold the baby in your small bones

The pledge of trust you chose  to trust.


The second of unexpected terms

Early time for this early child

To young to cry or laugh

Just bit a thumb on pledes of trust


The third was not as assumed

All cries and laughter with nothing

Worried you more then vowels themselves

A box of life like bricks in  our walls


Even now the third is one not like the others

They still speak no vowel or rhymes

Yet you stay and love them all the same

As the pledageof life defines all time.

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