It's All a Mystery *Death House Competition *

In 2110, there are thousands of new diseases, most of them are harmless and the human body can fight them easily. But there are some that can destroy a whole city. Amelia and Fleur are in the middle of the disease, they must find out if they are immune or they have this mystery disease that no one wants to be infected with…


1. One


It's all gone. My home, my family, my friends. No one left to care about, it started when people started to act differently  they were just different, no one suspected a thing. 

Me and Fleur were walking home from school, a normal day but i was tired and achy, it was all a mystery as i was feeling fine before. I saw my house down the street, the one with the ivy green door, with a rustic rose gold letterbox, scuffed and scarred from weather and neglect. I thought of my friends as most of them were acting a bit weird lately. Luna was becoming more quiet than she usually was, Micah couldn't stop talking but i'm sure he was fine. My midnight black hair was blowing in my face in the sunlight. The wind was like a powerful gentleness. Making it look like the trees were elegantly dancing in the wind. I enter my house, my older brother Jesse, his murky blonde hair shining under a hanging pendant light, his cerulean blue eyes glimmering slightly in the poorly lit hallway. He was waiting for me. "Hi" he muttered

"Hi Jesse, are you okay?" i said 

"I'm fine, but dad isn't great" he said with an anxious expression on his face

"What's the matter with him?" I asked 

"He's sick" I looked him dead in the eyes and i opened my mouth to say something but no words came out. I knew if anyone was sick these days it was something bad, after the immunity cure for normal colds and flu. Cancer rates were at an all time low. Mostly, people were never sick but if dad was sick what were we going to do? I called a doctor straight away, not knowing if my Father would even make it to a hospital. I walked upstairs, small squeaks erupted from the stairs as if they were screaming in pain. I walked towards the scratched and neglected pine wood door and knocked. "Come in" i heard my Father say in a croaky voice. I peered around the door to see a bucket next to my Father's bed. It was empty. He looked at me; looking like he was going to be sick. His eyes looked heavy, they had small undertones of black and brown smudged under his eyes, creating shadows. He looked like a skeleton that had dug itself out of it's grave. He looked terrible. "Hey stop looking at me as if i'm a meal" he said with a slight smile spread across his face. His hands were resting on this stomach; they were bony and malnourished as if they were plants wilting. "Go, i'm going to be sick, get out of here and send a doctor" I nodded and shut the door as quietly as i could



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