Don't let me get me..

16 year old leaha is the youngest child with a family of four. Shes used to being alone. She never was a happy girl Her brother Harry a big star of a band called one direction. When There mother just leaves Leaha is left all alone. Harry moved in with his mates. Where will Leaha go? Will Leaha find happiness for once..


1. The News

I'm Leaha Anne Styles. I'm 16 and my brother is Harry Styles. I have dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, and I'm 5'3. My favorite color is dark blue. I basically live by my self since my mother is never home. I have trust issues due to the fact everyone in my life has or will leave me.I don't know my family and i don't really care for they always told me I was a mistake or a disgrace to the family. 


"Hello?" I said as I answered the home phone. I don't normally answer since I've been home for about 2 months alone now. "Hello is this Leaha Styles?" The strange man asked as i was still scared. I wanted to hang up but i knew i couldnt. "Yes this is now who might this be"? i asked in a shaken voice. he didnt respond for a couple of minutes but i heard whispering in the back ground. I heard "just kill her" winch sounded like my mother. I hung up after that. I didnt answer the phone it just kept ringing. I quickly called the police due to the fact someone wanted to kill me. Turns out they where in my back lucky i got out in time. I ran to the police station and that was the worse thing ever.. They told me i would have to stay with my brother Harry. I really dont want too. He never loved me as a sister. He never was a big brother like i wanted..

I dont want to go i screamed at the police. It got so quiet in there you could hear a pen drop. That didnt stop them from calling him.. I get escorted by the cops to my house so i could grab my things.. I grab anything i could clothes hair products makeup.. some pictures.


I was singing with my mates untill i get a phone call "Hello, Harry i must inform you your sister will be moving down with you for your mother tried to kill her." I hung up the phone and went up stairs i dont wont my 16 year old sister livivng with me she'll just get in the way of everything. I walk back down stairs to inform my mates about the news. They all said alright. We pack up and head to the air port she would be arriving soon. I tell the mates " you guys dont fall for her.. Shes just worthless and wants attention." They look at me weirdly..probably because i just said that.. but its the truth.. I dont want anything to do with her... 

2 hours later...

Leahas pov

The plane lands and i dont know where i am.. Some where cold and rainy England? Yup England... I walk out with a small bag and tear stained eyes.. I see Harry.. My stomach twisted in the memories he gave me.. "your worthless! go die nobody likes you!!' more tears formed.. He saw me and slowly walked over.. "Hi.." i said he looked at me and walked away... THe ride to his house was silent and awkward.. My own brother hated me.. 




HI guys! IM brooke and this is a new story let me know what you think?

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