Gale's Future

What happened to Gale? Read on ...


1. Gale's Future

A warm evening in District 4, the fish mongers returning home from their long day out and amongst all this, a man standing in the street. Standing in the street and doing nothing, almost like he is counting sheep in his head. This man is known to most as Gale. Gale is a warm and gentle character, putting others before himself.

After the end of the rebellious attacks, Gale had been appointed to District 4 to lead a new military training course. He'd finished for the day and decided to have a stroll in the town but before this happened, he had a call from his supervisor, commander Yugan Adye. His instructions were simple, he had to go to the military head quarters in District 4, for a briefing of his next assignment. All he knew at this moment in time was that on the 13th of August 2198 he would be attempting one of the most dangerous raids in history.

For the next couple of hours, Gale was so obsessed with what his assignment might be that he didn’t sleep that night. Or the night after that.  Until the day of the briefing actually arrived, Gale had had but a few hours of sleep. But finally the day of the briefing had arrived and the shock of it almost made him faint.  Commander Yugan Adye was insisting that this was going to take place and insisted that Gale was to be the one to lead this crazy plan.
Commander Yugan Adye was a battle-hardened  soldier, he fought with the rebels to overthrow President Snow; Yugan  was an odd character, he had 3 massive strike marks on the left side of his face, he claims they are battle marks from fighting a cougar. He had hair cut so short that he could easily be mistaken for being bald. His tone of voice is so deep that it felt like the room he is in shakes.

During this briefing, Yugan was accompanied by Ambassador Jean Ohhe -llno, her job was to write down all the important information at different military briefings around the world, she then took them back to the capital and stored them in an archive as a record of all the military plans that have happened, that were happening and that were going to happen. Jean wore a black leather coat that ended all the way at her knees; she could easily be mistaken for an assassin. Her hair went down to her shoulders and was as straight as a pencil, she, like Yugan, was also battled-hardened  and fought in District 2. She fought in the operation to "crack the nut".

They both informed Gale of the plan that was going to take place. This plan was so risky that even they doubted it. This strategy had never been used before because it involved a squad of rookies from the military training course to infiltrate a pro-capital terrorist base on the mountains just outside District 13. The new government have known of this place for weeks and have been monitoring the actions of the occupants. Finally the decision had been made, at precisely 08:00 hours on the 13th of August 2198, a rookie squad with the leader of Gale would try to break into the base and take out the resistance. During an aggressive argument between Gale and Yugan, Gale had insisted that this must not take place but it was a losing battle. Yugan had stressed that it is not Gale’s decision and so he must abide by the instructions that his superiors have given him. The only thing he was allowed to choose in this operation was the soldiers he was going to take.

A few days after that meeting, Gale had been to the training course and had decided to get all the candidates together and ask a few questions about them. The first to appear was Shaun Whit, Shaun, like Gale, was very kind and put others in front of himself. The first question Gale had asked him and was going to ask everyone else was, "have you had any previous combat experience?" The answer for most of the candidates was no but Shaun was different, he said "yes". Gale asked him when and where, to which Shaun answered, "a couple of years ago, it was in the capital, fighting rebels". Gale didn’t know what to say, this "Shaun Whit", was an ex-peacekeeper. Gale had to find out how he ever got into this training centre. But first, he had more interviews to have. Gale was instructed to have 13 rookies accompany him on the mission and so far, he had encountered only 5-6 eligible soldiers to take with him.

After 7 gruelling hours, Gale had chosen the 13. That night though, he had a thought, he thought , "what if that Shaun Whit is a pro-capital terrorist and was infiltrating the training course to get in on this mission?" Gale then thought that this could be true because in the interview, Shaun had said that he fought against the rebels in the capital. This was too suspicious for Gale, he had to find some answers, for all he knew, this Shaun Whit was a pro-Capital soldier who wanted to stop this raid on the terrorist base. But Gale thought "how would he have found out about this?"  There was only one answer, someone in the higher ranks or in the government wasn’t who they appeared to be; they were a spy...

The next day, Gale took a train to the Capital and went to the archives to see if there were any documentations of failed raids because of infiltration. To his surprise, there were many cases that had been sabotaged by an infiltrator, the most recent was in July, it stated: "a failed attack on the pro-Capital terrorist base in the woods just outside District 7. A squad of well-trained soldiers led by Commander Thread was sent in to flush out a group of terrorists that had been believed main suspects for hundreds of deaths." This seemed very suspicious to Gale. He knew that Ambassador Jean Ohhe-Llno was around in the Capital somewhere and Gale decided to try and find her.

This encounter between Gale and the rookie soldier had him thinking for most of the journey, he thought it couldn’t have been a coincidence that he had fought the rebels and be classed as a rookie. Something fishy was happening and Gale was going to find out what. By now it was getting dark, and Gale still hasn’t found the ambassador. After hard contemplation, Gale had decided to go back to District 4, after all, he now knew that there was some examples of missions like his that had gone badly wrong.

Now that Gale was home, he decided to put this whole thing behind him and ignore it.

This decision was not a good one, it led to terrible consequences.

A few weeks before the big raid, he decided to go to the training centre and train with his chosen soldiers. It started ok, they all got to get to know each other and train at the same time. The training course is a tough place to be, 10 miles jog and then a 1 mile assault course which normally takes 3-4 hours to complete and you would be lucky if your face wasn’t covered in mud. Gale managed to complete this in 3 hours, but the rookies did it in a bad time of nearly 5 hours, Gale really needed to get these rookies up to higher standards. This would take a few months but he didn’t have that much time; he needed a plan and he didn’t have one.

As the date of the raid was drawing nearer and nearer, Gale became even more nervous, the thought that had come back to haunt him was about Shaun Whit and the fact that he could still be a traitor, for all he knew; that could be the hard truth.

2 days until the big assault began, Gale had one last prep talk with his team, he was talking about what was going to happen and if something unexpected happened. After this, there was nothing left to do but wait for the day, judgment day.

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