Behind the Parsley

This is sort of like those commentaries you get on DVDs...I'm going to tell you a bit about the inspiration for some of my characters, settings and plotlines in a few of my movellas.
THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. If you haven't read a movella of mine I recommend you read it before reading my commentary on it. I will put in a dividing page between each one to try and prevent accidental spoilers.
Enjoy :) ©Parsavagely 2015



Let's begin at the beginning

I was introduced to movellas by (Sw)Antiquity after writing some lyrics which she published on here. I was intrigued by the site and decided to read a few of the things on here.

After scrolling through all the 1D fanfiction I found the first movella I ever read on here: God Forbid by Mirlotta & River_Summers. Honestly, it was absolutely incredible, I decided that this whole movellas thing looked pretty awesome. 

So I created a profile, "Parsavagely" and (as it was at the time) fanned Antiquity. She didn't know who I was but was still helpful and hilarious as usual. She introduced me to a number of people who gave me the most unique introduction to a site I've ever had (featuring being eaten by Prodigy's beast).

On my first day I published my first movella: Purity of Lies.

The response I received was surprisingly good.

So...I guess I should tell you about that story...



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