What If

What if you could see the outcome of each decision before you made it? Evie can. Now she is trapped between choosing Matthew, a good friend who is interested on her, and Caspen, the older married man with seemingly no future. It seems like an easy choice but when Matthew asks her out, she phases and what seems like a miniscule what if turns into a life altering decision.


1. What If- It Begins

What if you could see the outcome of every decision before you made it? All my life I had been able to foresee my future before I even knew a decision would affect my life so drastically. Who knew that choosing to ride my bike to school instead of walking with Rosie, my best friend who I was in a fight with, would cause me to break my leg and end up in the hospital. Whereas if I walked with Rosie we would have been far enough behind to see the aftermath of the accident and saw the black sedan wrapped around a light pole. And the worse that would have happened was we would have been 10 minutes late for school and made up from our fight.

All my life I have been avoiding the bumpy road. I barely dated anyone because I knew how it would end before it began. Then I met Caspen. He wasn't the kind of guy mother's dreamed their daughters end up with, yet there I was. He was ten years older than me, married, and had six kids. He was safe. There was no future for us. So, at first it seemed like a good idea. His wife wouldn't ever find out, if she did she wouldn't leave him, so no one would get hurt. Except for me.

When this ability took effect, I never saw that far into the future. Maybe a year or a few at most. 

This time was different. 

I sat next to Matthew, his frosty blue eyes gazing at me so intensely my heart stuttered. His question hung in the air between us, just floating there, waiting for my response. 

This didn't seem like a life altering moment, but as the What If took effect, I knew this one was going to be rough. You see, I didn't just see the possibilities. I lived and breathed each one of them. 

The process started and I felt the world tilt on its axis. 

Here we go...

Feel free to comment & include any critiques. This was an idea that came to me while listening to "Love Love Love" by Of Monsters And Men, and I just had to get it out of my system! I hope you enjoy :)

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