Movella Authors: Interviews

I am interviewing all of you guys about your Movellas!! That's right, You!!! All you need to do is read the entry form and rules and send your information to me as a message on So let it begin!!!!


1. Rules and entry form

If you would like to be interviewed please read this order form and comment your details:

Username (and/or real name)

Date you joined Movellas (optional)

How many followers (fans)

What is your story title?


1. Be kind (being rude could get you kicked off this story)

2. Tell the truth and don't make up lies.

3. Our questions aren't inappropriate so please don't make them

4.only one interview per STORY ( not per person, if you have another story please don't hesitate to tell us)

That's it!! Please fill all this in in the comments!

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