All About You

"I've Got To Say, You're Just A Little Bit Out Of My Limit"


1. Melissa Anne Grace

Here's all you basically have to know about me. My name is Melissa Anne Grace, but my friends call me Mel or Issa. I'm currently at the age of 17, waiting for this school year to be over so i can finally become a senior. I have 3 brothers and well, no sisters. My youngest brother is Daniel Grace and he is only 12 years old. I guess you can say he is the smartest kid out of my family, or maybe even school! My second youngest brother is Nathan Grace and he's only 14. He's in 7th grade and really really strong. I think it's because he plays football and soccer. Finally my oldest and over-protective brother, Matthew Grace. Oh how I love him. (Notice the sarcasm in my thoughts.) Anyways he's the oldest which is 19 years old. All he cares about is us and his friends. Anyways, my parents died when I was 11, and of course I didn't ever step out of my room or basically my house unless I had to go to school.

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