Don't let me go

Harry and Louis got into a fight causing them to stop seeing each other. What happens when Harry almost loses Louis for good?


1. The bad news

Harry's pov:

Me and the lads where just finishing up rehearsal for the day. When this happened. "Harry and Louis can you two please stay after a bit." I looked at Louis confused and he just shrugged at me. I looked around me to see the lads all looked just a confused as we did. When we where done the lads all left and me and Louis stayed behind saying we would catch up with them. The manger walked over to us. "Please take a seat." I sat down with Louis beside me. I wanted to reach out and hold his hand but I knew that now was not the time.

"What's wrong?" Louis spoke up pulling me back to the real world. The manger sighed. "I'm sorry guys but I have bad news...."He trailed off. "What do you mean you have bad news?"  He looked at me with a sad sorry look in his eyes. "I'm really happy that you two are in love I think your perfect for each other I do but you cant be seen in public together any more. The fans are taking the whole Larry thing to far." I felt my heart sink when he said that. "So what should we do about it?" Louis asked him looking at me sadly. "That's where it gets worse you have to get a girl friend Louis....I'm really sorry guys. On the bright side you can stay together just not in public. Louis your new girl friend will meet you in the park for your date tomorrow. Her name is Eleanor and she's and actor and a model. Good luck boys." He gave me one sad glance before leaving the room.

Louis looked at me to see that I had tears in my eyes. He pulled me into a hug with out a word and we stayed like that for long time. Why did it have to come this....?

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