A Year with one direction

Kily gets hit with harry car and she loses her memoery and she has to spend a year with the boys till she gets her memory back, and she falls in love with....


1. Knock out





"Jenny are you here yet?" My friends voice rang through my phone as holded it up to my ear.I sigh "no I'm not sandra keep waiting" I say almost annoyed and putting a donut into my mouth."well....get here fast" my friend said sounding worried through the phone "uh...hu" saying a yes and she hung up . Ad I stepped into the street I heard a BEEEEEEP!!!! And a crash sound I heard voices and a bright light "Harry! You killed her!" "No I did'nt ....did I?" "Well....should we take her to the hospital?" And everything turned black.


Uhhhhh I moaned in pain another bright light stung my eyes I holded my hand up to block the light from stinging my eyes.Then I heard a door open and a man in a white coat came in "are...are you my father?" I asked the man chuckled "no...I'm a doctor and you have lost your memorie during that crash" I was so confused "huh...what crash?" The doctor smiled once more "you came onto the street out of no were an you got hit and you have no memorie " my eyes widen I spoke calmly " whose responsible for this ?" The doctor stood up just about to leave "five teenage boys well one of them was the driver" I was concern "may you let them in to apoligize?" I asked the doctor the doctor. Noded with a smile and he left the room 90 seconds later 5 boys ca,e in one had really curly hair that I wanted to shake really badly for fun of it and one had bright blonde hair that I would die for, and one came in smileing like a child . One of the those boys looked really mean with black hair the other the last one to enter looked like a grown up he must be their master . "Hello....." the one with a childish smile waved and hand at me " hi..." I said shyly almost blushing cause I was surounded by boys my thoughts were interuppted by the same boy speaking "oh yeah and harrys sorry for hitting you" I was confused once again "harry?" I stared at the boys all the boys pointed at the other lad with curly hair. He came up to me and said "hi i'm harry and I'm so so sorry for hitting you" I chuckled "its ok I'll pertend it never happened " the boy named harry sighed in ralief till I said "in one condition" he turned towards slmost noticeing the grin on his face "i know I know what you want" I was confused "what do I want ?" He smiled and came closer to me "you wanna photo with us since were one direction" I was more confused "no" harry eyes widen at my response.

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