Song of the Day x

So I fancied doing a book of Songs of the day. So, any suggestions are welcome, and I will listen to all suggestions x


1. 9th March- Down by Jason Walker ft. Molly Reed



So this is Down, by Jason Walker and Molly Reed.

I am absolutely addicted to this song.

I love the tune,

and Jason Walker has an amazing voice.

Molly Walker is a beautiful singer as well,

so the pair is absolutely on point.


The song is oddly calming,

and makes me feel sad.

But it kinda gives off a message.

Like, get up and do something!

I don't know.

All I know is I love this song...



Just wanted to say, I am open to suggestions.

I will listen to them all,

regardless if I like the singer or not.

So yeah.


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