That girl


1. the first day

You know that feeling when you wake up with that strange, but good and satisfying feeling?

That happened to me, and I loved it.

I´m sitting, eating breakfast still deeply thinking about that dream.
But it´s slowly drifting away, piece by piece, the more I think about it the more I forget about it, just as I´m thinking about it the dream fades away.
I´m walking to school, It´s a normal day just as usual. At school I see the bullies picking on the nerds, just as usual,
they don´t dare to pick on me, because they know that I´m stronger and smarter than them. I´m just standing there, watching it happen but I decide to just walk along. That dream is still wandering in my head, I can´t get it out.
But as much as I try, I can´t figure out what the dream was,
I vaguely remember something with a girl, just the two of us, I seemed happy.
My first lesson starts in 5 minutes,so I better hurry or I´ll be late, I´ve never been late but the popular kids always get late, but they get away with it because the teacher doesn´t dare to do anyting against them.
Once in class, I´m sitting alone as usual. I can hear the popular kids talk loudly, but the teacher ,surprisingly, ignores them. As much as I want to be as the popular kids, I´ll never be able to be a popular kid. The reason I want to be a popular kid is that there´s this one girl named Jessica she  is so beautiful, blond hair, perfect face, blue eyes, perfectly rounded lips and not to forget, that cute smile. I could stare at that face for the rest of my life, but she has a boyfriend called Bratt
he´s big, he has big muscles, he´s a bad boy and handsome but he´s also a player, a heartbraker.
I´m sitting there, thinking about her. I´m so focused and concentrated on her beautiful, perfect face that I softly moan her name, but not softly enough to just hear it myself. The whole class heard it, I´m blushing, my face is getting red just pretending it wasn´t me while everyone is figuring out who it was until Bratt loudly yells:
At the moment I heard my name I soon become more red, and look around me. Everyone is laughing, even the nerds who never laughed, were laughing at me. The teacher tries to calm down everyone, but that doesn´t help. The laughing even becomes louder and louder, but I´m trying to ignore it and just stare straight forward. But one thing that draws my attention is that I don´t hear Jessica laughing, I can´t hear her cute laugh. I decide to turn around to look at her, while everyone is still laughing their asses off. She looks at me, I look her in the eyes, she could see my pain. The pain that I´m having right now at this moment. I could see symphaty in her eyes, then suddenly the bell rings, finally it´s all over.
The whole day I think about that moment where everyone stared at me and laughed. It´s still painful when I think about that moment, even when I´m laying in my bed thinking about how this day really sucked. That one thing that bothers me is that I´ll never have that dream again, that dream where everything was just perfect...


HII my name is Dennis :)
this is my first ever story that I´ve written
it would mean the world to me to comment on my story about the good and bad things about the story, feel free to say anything you want
I hope you will enjoy the story
see you in the next chapter :)




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