"I Think i like Jess...💕" ~ Luke Hemmings Fanfic

After having a hard childhood with being bullied and moving schools, now on her 3rd school things seem to be settling until things start to happen...


1. moving

Hi my name is Jessica and im 15 years old.

I live in America with my mum and 2 sisters, earlier this week my mom came and told me that we were moving yo Scotland to live with mu mums boyfriend and well my stepdad

I woke up this morning to realise today's the day I'm moving to Scotland, I'm worried about leaving here to find out what it's Like there but I'm partly excited at the same time.

Next I heard my mum shouting "Jess are you up? We're leaving soon."

I groaned as I rolled out of bed, I set out clothes for to wear today and I decided on this -


Once I was changed I straightened my brunette hair and curled the ends and then done my make up. When I was finished I heard the removal van turn into the driveway.

"I'm ready mum". My mum was really excited about moving, I wish I could say the same but I'm leaving my best friend behind. I'm glad to leave my past here as some of the memories here weren't good.

I wonder how life will be there and if I will make more friends. Now its time to leave, I had one last look in my room and closed the door. "I'm going to miss this place mum, theirs so many good memories here", she had a sad but happy look on her face, "You'll make lots not new friends where we're going and you can always come back to visit. Now we need to go honey".

As we were on our way to the airport i felt sad as I passed places on the way their that had so many good memories! I plugged my headphones into my phone and started listening to my music.


Once we had arrived we sent our luggage away to go on the plane or should I say our own private plane. I have a very wealthy family but don't like to flash it around in front of people.

We sat in the airport for a while and had a look around some shops and bought some food for on the plane, next thing I hear is our flight being called. Great, "Let's go honey" I turned around to my mum and said "ok", one we got into seats on the airplane we started to relax a little. Next to Scotland! This is going to be a long flight :(

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