when bright love turns into Hate. Once upon time Lucia and Aston loved each others but what now?


1. chapter one

Does she make you feel wanted like i did? You let her head rest on your chest but when you close your eyes 

you will be seeing my face again, i'll be crossing on your mind. You will be dreaming on places we went and when you wake up to find. she's not me.





i walked down the schools hall and greeted my two best friends Eric and Jackson. "hey man whats up?" Eric said. "nothing."i said. "you are till upset?" Jackson asked and i just shoot him a glare. "let it be." Eric said to Jackson. "what? c'moon guys. she was just another chick. i'm totally over it." i said laughing coldly. "thats my man!" Jackson said taping my shoulder. "so have you met Veronica yet?" Eric said. "who?" i asked. "the new girl. she just moved here. she's hot as hell." Jackson said. "oh. haven't noticed." i said. "oh there she comes." Eric said looking behind me. girl with long blond hair walked over us. "hey boys." she said with  over girly voice. i could feel that she just changed her voice to girly purring there was noway that her voice would sound like that. "hey Veronica." Jackson smirked. "hello there cutie." she said turning to me. i mentally rolled my eyes but instead of showing that i totally wasn't in the mood or going to ever flirt with her  i though of Lucia and smiled to Veronica. "hey." i said smiling to her. "what your name?" she asked biting her lip trying to look cute. i was already disgusted of her. maybe she wasn't so bad i only didn't see her that way because i only though of one girl who had my heart.  "Aston." i said smiling and let me tell you that smile was fake as shit but like someone would notice it. "she would notice it." my brains whispered and i wanted to mute my mind. that was right Lucia was the only girl who knew me. i really have to stop thinking of her. Veronica shamelessly flirted me and then the bells rang. at lunch i sat with Eric and Jackson and surprise,surprise the miss annoying was sitting next to me trying to look sexy. "i will never believe this Lulu." Cassandra said loudly as she sat just one table from us. as i heard she saying her nick name cold shiver run down my body and i tried not to gasp. as she walked to her friends carrying apple and giggling to something on phone what she was looking. she didn't even look at me. i felt someone hit my leg under the table as Eric gave me look. "lol who are they? they are such a losers." Veronica groaned meaning the table where Lucia was sitting. i wanted to tell her to shut her mouth but instead i just stayed quiet. "that girl Lucia has same math class with me. she couldn't stop flirting with some guy she's  such a slut." Veronica said glaring towards where Lucia was talking with her friends. it was like she was in other world she didn't  pay attention to me she didn't even look at me not even once she just looked past me or right through but it was like i wasn't there that i was some ghost. Eric looked me awkwardly as Veronica kept talking about Lucia she has been here just a week and she was already speaking shit about her. what the hell. "oh there is the guy she was totally trying to hit." Veronica said as i saw nick enter the canteen and walking to their table. i hated that kid with all i had. "hey Lucia." he purred as he sat next to her. "Nicky." she smiled. "um i have to go to bathroom." i said and left the canteen as fast i could. i couldn't stand the sight of them. they were just friends but still. i can't believe Nick was already trying her even that we just broke up. "are you okay." Eric said entering the toilet. "yeah. I'm fine." i said. even that i wasn't. not even close. 

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