Jessica White has a little bit of a crush on Luke and Ashton. Even though there her best friends, she can't tell them, it's a little hard to keep these secrets.


1. chapter one

I was a new student at Halery High. It all started when.......

"Hi, I'm Jess Cerain, I'm new. I don't...... Know where to go." I explained to the lady sitting at the desk. "Oh, I heard about you, Jess! Let me get a Shopmore to show you around. She pulled out a speaker and pressed the red button, "Ashton Irwin to the Office please. Thank you!" She called. "So.... Who is Ashton?" I questioned. "He's a real good student! He's a nice boy, i do t know much, I'm just a secretary!" She boomed. Then, a cute boy walked into the room. My jaw dropped to his looks.

Ashton's pov

I walking in the hallway when I was called to the office. "Crap!" I whispered. I made my way to the office while every one stars and did their oos and ahs. I walked onto to see a really pretty girl. Her jaw dropped, I don't know why but it did. "Hi, why do you need me?" I asked. "Ashton, this is Jess Cerian. She moved here a week ago, since it's the third day of school, can you show her around, she's a Shopmore too." Ms. Dubal said. "Yes. No problem." I mentioned. Of course I would help her, she's pretty, and yeah you get it. "This way Jess." I said grabbing her hand. We walked out into the hallway.

Jess's pov

"Thanks for doing this." I said quietly. "It's okay! I don't mind, would you want to.... Meet my friends. Warning their crazy." He laughed. "That would be fun. I don't have any friends so..... I do have my best friend Clara, but I moved. We still keep in touch. Hopefully she'll remember." I laughed. "That's sad. This is room b, Scince, Geometry, and Chemistry." Ashton explained. "Yes thanks!" I cheered. "Lunch?" He asked. "Uuh! Yeah!" I said happily. I can't BELIVE I already have a friend! Surprised.

Until lunch..... "Hey, Jess. Glad you knew where to find me." He smiled. "We'll... I just went to get a drink from the water fountain. You saw me, and here we are now!" I says with sarcasm. "Yeah, but still, let's go." He said calmly. "Now, that is the geek table, this is the jock table, there is the Preppy table, that's the popular table, over there is the funny table, that's the crazy table, the sex table, the creep table, the gross table, the awkward table, the art table, the black table, the African table, the means, the nice, freaks, there's the smart, the dumb, the people who eat too much, those who eat nothing, and my table the normals. Sit with the normals, your fine for all off high school." Ashton explained as we walked around the whole cafeteria. We sat down and their I met Luke, Michael, and Calm. "This is Jess, she's new, so be nice!" Ashton said fastly. "She also a girl. Don't be mean!" Michael said. They all shook their heads tho that. "What, a girl can't take cridisisum?! Seriously! Women are the same as men! Girls can do every thing guys can do, so....! Make fun of me, spill out your thoughts. I won't cry, I won't pout, I won't leave, I won't over react! Go!" I yelled. "I won't be pushed around! I can tame cridisisum! I am a human being not an animal! I might be over reacting, but I fight for feminism!" I shouted at them. The paused and stared. "Okay.." Calm whispered. "Now I know not to kiss her.... She'll yell at me that she gay!" Michael laughed. I got angry. I lost control of my movements and threw my milk at him. His face covered with milk I ran out. We didn't start out on a good note.

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