The Tide



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I'm watching him as he prays
begging God for better days
I see the pain in his eyes
I'm watching him as he cries.


Tears of weakness, tears of mess
tears of dread and loneliness
always hoping deep inside
that somday he'll find his light.


I'm watching him as he screams
for his life and for all his dreams
for all his wants and all his needs
I'm watching him as he bleeds.


His blood is the loss he'll always feel
it's all the dreams that were never real
it's his broken trust and his dispair
all the love that was never there.


I'm watching him as he sleeps
in the silence his soul weeps
quietly, wishfully, his heart speaks
that how I know that he still seeks.


Seeks the solutions he can't find
because the pain has made him blind
everything fails and everything turns
and everything inside him burns.


I'm watching him as he grieves
in the night I watch as he leaves
believing this is the way to his light
I'm watching as he drowns in the tide.

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