Minor problems

May and her her friend Nicole meet one direction Maynard always had a thing for liam and Nicole liked niall but what if niall fell for May and liam fell for Nicole?


1. Meeting them

"may!" Nicole yelled excitedly 

 "okay let's go"

She tore through the store dragging me behind 

When we got there they looked every better then I thought they would 

Nicole's eyes widen "well damn Niall"

"Pshhhh liam looks better"

She rolls her eyes "let's just go meet them

I clumsily walk over niall looking at me smiling I returned the smile seeing where liams eyes were.

Nicole squeals noticing liams gaze on her

We both walk over Nicole graceful like always me being a klutz

I start walking to liam only to be cut off by Nicole instead I walk over to niall


Niall smiles "I'm Niall"

"I know I'm may"

Niall smiles "pretty name"

I fake gasp "are you flirting with me?"

He blushes "n-n-maybe"

I laugh "kidding"

He laughs with me 


I laughs "I know I'm may"

I fake gasp "are you flirting with me?"

He blushes "n-n...maybe" 

I laugh "I was kidding"

He smiles"nice name"

I fak gasps 


I fake gasp 

He laughs "nice name"



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