First impressions

Ruby and Isaiah.
Will it last
Was he the one
Is it real??
Read to find out!


1. the first time

It's the first day of school.😫

I'm going to 8th grade, decisions decisions and decisions! What to wear? What to do? How to act? Who to sit with? I could go on forever!😒 I know everyone says schools not a fashion show but tbh the first week or so is that's when you make your first impressions.☺️ " honey?." My mom said. "What?😒" I reply. "It's time for school." "I knowwww." "Well then get up sweety." I get up and walk down my steep stairs and star making some delicious chocolate chip pancakes! 💕 My annoying little sister Hannah asks for some pancakes while pulling my over sized shirt. 😑 We all sit at our round kitchen table, and eat our chocolate chip pancakes. I finish my food and head to my room, I need to look real good today after all today will be a lot of people's first impression of me. I brush my long thick dirty blonde hair before I straighten it. Today I'm wearing high waisted ripped blue shorts, white short sleeve crop top that says fresh in blue letters, and white flats. As I'm waiting for the bus my best friend Hailey texts me " I heard there is a few new kids." I'm excited to find out who, new people new impressions! 😘 I walk in the school..... There he is. 😱

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