the list

I dunno I just felt I should put this up, my bucketlist


1. the list


1 .Live until I am at the least 20 do not leave school until AFTER sixth form

2 .Solve a Rubik’s cube

3. Actually paint roses red

4. Propose to a stranger with a ring pop

5. Put bubbles in a public fountain

6. Laugh until you cry

7. Go star-gazing

8. get a crazy haircut

9. call a number written on a bathroom wall

10. watch a sunrise/sunset

11. wear a shirt that says 'life' and hand out lemons on a street corner

12. kiss in the rain

13. get on a bus and go wherever it takes you

14. Fight with someone

15. follow joggers in your car and blast "eye of the Tiger' for encouragement

16. shush everyone who talks at a library

17. create an extremely large hopscotch and complete it without messing up

18. carve your name in a tree

19. Send a message in a bottle

20. milk a cow

21. leave your waiter or waitress a HUGE tip

22. ride a segway

23. participate in a protest

24. pay for a stranger's groceries

25. send a letter to a random adress and see if they write back

26. hold up a free hugs/kisses sign

26. split a milkshake

27. have a paint fight

28. kiss underwater

29. eat a “Twinkie”

30. get kicked out of walmart

31. name a street

32. write in wet cement

33. get everyone at school to simultaneously drop their pencils/fall out of their chairs at the same time

34.Have a massive rant at a douche bag then slap him then kiss him then slap him for kissing you

35.Get laid

36.Get drunk/high

37.Get a cat call it snazzy then say “I was going to call him Charles but he is just so (pause for effect) SNAZZY!!!!!!”

38.Go ice skating with Sam and jack (preferably in Venice)

39.Meet john and hank green

40.Write a book

41.Go out with a girl

42.Get on the news say hi to my mom

43.Fall in love (and let that person you love know you love them)

44.Hug an elephant (why I hear you ask? CUS IM FABULOUS )

45.Do the most scandalous thing thinkable!!!!

46.Find out my spirit animal change my first name to that animal

47.make jack sing

48.Die surrounded by my friends and loved ones

49. Dye my hair blue.

50.Complete a bucket list

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