Dark Blood

Addie, an innocent high schooler was living her normal life with her known mother's care before she found out that she was an immortal whom have lost her memories and was taken back into the league of the Dark Bloods; a demi immortal beings who expands their lives through eating souls. With her being soulless, she was used to be a living shell for lost spirits in order to feed Blade, a dark blood who was tired of killing humans just to satisfy his hunger for soul.

With the unexpected turns of events, Blade found out that Addie was owned by his older brother, Ethan who has soon brought out new revelations that made their lives turning into more complications and doubt of what's truth and lies.

Meeting new people and their roles in every event that connects the lives of one another. A journey to the truth is yet to begin...


1. The Midnight Massacre

        The rain started to dropped down from the dark heavens. Like teardrops that shed through the eyes of those who are being hurt. But in the other way around, the pouring of rain washed away the blood that blemishes Keith's face. He was gazing above the dark sky where the moon is full and no stars can be seen. Then he blinked an eye looking down and faced the man who was lying on the ground lifeless, he could see the rain clean the blood that is now scattering all over the place.

        After watching the dead man, he sheathed his knife back to its sheath then walked away...

        The rain poured stronger now. Wind also joined its madness as it blows the trees that almost bent down in an uncertain weather. It was summer, but the weather was cold and stormy. Blade entered an old abandoned building, the aura there was odd, the air was warm and the surroundings was an uneven darkness and walls that's been purely vandalized. He continued to walk until he reached a room lit by a blinking bulb. The light turns off and on then a terrorizing shriek of a woman was heard, there was also a sound of bone cracking and skin that was being pierced. It echoed all over the place and while in the way towards the door, blood welcomed his coming. 

        Blade just entered and gazes straight inside the room.

        "Would you mind not staring at me like that." a voice of a man was heard. The bulb lit up and his face was shown clear. He was at the age of seventeen with his eyes green and hair white. Ethan smirk upon looking at him. "How's your job? Pretty enjoying isn't it?" 

        "What's enjoying is that I didn't pierce him like what you did." Blade responded coldly.

        "Why not enjoy? Didn't you know the meaning of dark blood? It's your kind yet you let yourself be fool by those human and shows them mercy? It's our raise, do not fight it." Ethan said, licking the blood that stained his hand.

        "Stop that. If I could recall you just said that we are dark bloods and not vampire who licks blood of a maiden." Blade blurted.

        "Nevertheless we feed on animal meat." Ethan chuckled.

        Blade just sighed then turned back walking away. He was out of the building and the rain had stop from pouring down. He looked up and saw that the stars was now sparkling out from the sky. The moon is not alone anymore and the cloud had disappeared. The wind blew as his scarf flowed higher and the breeze was back to normal.

        The alarm clock had noised out several times. The sun also was brightly shining and illuminating through the windows of each residence along the road. Addie's hand was up reaching for the noisy clock then pressed it while she was still covered with blanket. The birds started to chirped noisily beside her balcony while they flap their little wings.

        "Oh, I'm still sleepy..." Addie groaned with a wide yawn.

        She removed her blanket then sat up stretching her arms with a cracking sound. She stood straight to the bathroom and took a cold shower. After that, she went out and put on her school uniform, going down with her bag and textbooks. She entered the dining room then sat on the table while she still yawns.

        Her mother approached her with a plate of pancake placing it to the table with a new day smile. "How's your sleep?" she asked with a jolly voice.

        "Quite cold." Addie responded with a shrug.

        "It's odd isn't it? Summer's coming and it's cold." 

        "Yeah, but its okay. As long as it won't snow in the middle of summer."

        After eating her breakfast, Addie set off going to school. Her school was weird, she could feel a lot of different auras around her. But she just ignored it thinking that it's just a type of unknown spirit. She just gave a sigh then continuously walked towards the hallway of the school campus. The sound begins to disturb her again. The creaking sound of the door even if no one was opening it. The sound of giggle though there was no one around. She could hear it without anyone knowing. She just closed her eyes then quickly walked straight until she suddenly bumped on someone. She fell and her textbooks scattered all over the floor.

        She quickly opened her eyes and saw a man standing in front of her. As she gazed up, she saw Blade's eyes staring at him blankly. With her embarrassment, she quickly collected her textbooks and did an apologetic bow at him then ran.

        Blade just watched him until she entered a room door.

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