Bleeding out of life


1. the cost of life

Barry it deeper and deeper within never stoping to ask why to think why she keeps walking with her head high ready to fight to keep it all inside but now it's slowly starting to slip out and the demons are playing now and She's bleeding out bleeding out of her mind she can't keep her thoughts in the line she can't see left from right all she sees is black and white why can't she escape the endless turning thoughts that's cutting her up inside you said she be fine didn't you tell her everything would be alright and she believed the lie like a foolish child believing dreaming that hell could be something beautiful that an ending could be peaceful that the aching pain could stop but the rage kept building up and up and the screams come roaring out of her mouth and she was broke in half she wraps her self in silence now takes cover behind a fake smile and laugh behind a mask she never wants to be seen again never wants to be found and she eats and eats eating her own heart out of her chest to make it quit beating to make her stop breathing so maybe she can start sleeping

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