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  • Published: 6 Mar 2015
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In a town where nobody talks to nobody, a mysterious''ilness'' comes and changes the people for good


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   Completely disinterested by the world outside,the people of Evil ville live their days monotonously and boring. It feels like the time in Evil ville doesn't matter because every day,every single second of it is painfully the same, even sad.

Physically, the people of Evil ville are short and not very pretty and pleasant. Those of them who have decided to spend their lives as ''living dead'' are completely closed within themselves and isolated in their homes from the others.

Evil ville is surrounded by three woods and this makes the town completely secluded from the strangers' eyes.

Evil ville is too hidden to be marked on the maps. Maybe it was for the better because the people there do not want to be disturbed by anyone outside of their wicked society.

The people of Evil ville like their imitation of existence and nothing in the world could distract them from this existence.


                                                                               . . .


Puddleblum and his wife Bloodymary were one of the citizens in the town. They had no children because they both didn't like children much. The two-member family had only one scrawny dog which probably will die soon of malnutrition.

Puddleblum was a strange man. After he wakes up, he drinks his black coffee and goes in one of the woods. He was an axeman and completely devoured by his work. The odd man lives only for cutting trees. Nothing else interested him. The only person he speaks to was his also so odd wife.

Bloodymary also never communicates with the people from the town. When she goes to the grocery's store, she simply buys,pays to the cashier and walks out without even a sound,coming from her mouth.


                                                                           . . .


In Evil ville occurred sinister things. Because people were evil by nature. Well, there were one or two exceptions.

One day in the town resembles a scene from a foreign apocalyptic movie. People were so estranged and silent. The alienation could be everywhere to be seen. What was the reason for that?


                                                                                            . . .


When big celebrations like Christmas or Easter were coming near, Puddleblum, Bloodymary and the rest of the town rarely prepared something special for that day. They all just didn't want to do it. And no one complains against it.

Still it was astonishing how in such small and unknown town, there are so many gloomy, rude and boring people. To cap it all, people there were jealous. Probably all the negative atmosphere around Evil ville was responsible for the absence of friendliness and love.

Puddleblum and Bloodymary made no exception. Even more-they both were the most jealous people of them all. That's why they never spoke with the others in the town. The family had neither friends,nor enemies. The greed and jealousy engulfed them so much that often they forgot to feed their dog.

At night, when Puddleblum returns back from work and together with Bloodymary he was on the table for dinner, they started a vivid conversation about the others in the town. The gossip from their mouths had no end and many times they went to bed even after midnight.

                                                                                                . . .


   One day, just as boring as the others before, something unusual happened. Puddleblum was in the wood, cutting trees and piling the ready logs. A little before he to finish for today, Puddleblum's boss called him in the office and told him that he is fired.

-Why, sir?-asked the axeman

-Because you are non-talkative person. You don't pronounce a single word. Ever!-replied the boss

-That's who I am!-said confidently the axeman

-I have made my decision,Puddleblum! Tomorrow do not come in the wood!

Sad, Puddleblum went home and told to his wife that he's been fired.

-But why,honey?-she asked him

-The boss said I am too damn quiet and fired me

-I think your boss is stupid,Puddleblum!-said Bloodymary her opinion. Do not fret. They do not deserve you. You are the best axeman in town, you know.

Bloodymary wanted to fix his mood.

Meanwhile, the same day Puddleblum was fired from work, the scrawny dog the family had, died.


                                                                                             . . .


 After Puddleblum being fired, the people in Evil ville understood that being non-talkative,greedy and jealous, is wrong. Now the folks in this odd town learned how to communicate with each other,even to smile from time to time.

Evil ville has changed. People didn't seem ugly and gloomy anymore. A good word can transform anybody. It can be wondrous for the personality.

The citizens of Evil ville are not the same because of a mystery illness,called ''kindness'' that contaminated people's sinister souls and poisoned them to become good.

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