The legende of Raava and Vaatu

Det var en skole opgave vi fik stillet i engelsk, om at skrive en Creation myth, altså en skabelsesberetning.


1. The legend of Raava and Vaatu

The legend of Raava and Vaatu


Do you ever wonder what happened, when the earth and the humanity was created. It’s a big question, but here is a little story to clarify it. Remember this is my version of what happened a long time ago. Also remember that it is a made up by my imagination, there is not any facts that can back up my myth. But with that said let’s move on to the story.

In the beginning there was nothing, no sky, no light, and no life as we know it today. The universe was formless and empty, and with darkness always lurking in this emptiness. But a day or night a little flower blossomed in the hollow of the universe. This little flower was nourished by the darkness, and grow stronger everyday. After a time with nothing really happening to the flower, it decided to also swallow the void, this helped. Because the following morning it fully bloomed and out of the flower came a beautiful, gentle woman, she was so delicate and refined that she outshone the flower. She curiously looked around with a thoughts wandering in her mind. Who was she? Was there anyone else here besides her? What was the whole purpose of her existence? Well she didn’t quite know that jet, but she was determined to find out. With that in mind she took a step forward, but something prevented her from taking another step, a force stronger than her feet. The woman looked over her shoulder, only to see the flower of life. She was filled with joy and spinned around. She was not alone after all, because now she had the flower to keep her company.

The woman created a hill for the flower and her to sit on, and she asked the flower “Where did you come from?” When it did not answer her, she figured it was probably silent, and she had to respect that.

After a short time her stomach began aching. It rumbled and felt so empty. She crouched into what she thought was a more comfortable position and put her hands on the place of the pain. But it did not help. It felt like there was somebody who took a knife and stabbed it into the woman’s stomach and turned it around again and again. With a blurred glance and with a distorted mind, she lifted her head on to see the flower. And suddenly she heard a voice inside of her head. ‘I know what is wrong with you!’ “Who are you?” she asked. ‘That is irrelevant, just listen to me..’ “How do I know, if i can trust you?” ‘You can not, but you have to if you cherish your live. You see that plant right next to you?’ The woman looked at the flower, and with a underring facial expressions, she responded with a fragile voice: “Yes.. Why?” ‘You have to eat it for the pain to wear of. Start by eating the small grains on in the middle of the flower and work your way out to the edge of the leaves.’

The woman started shaking. On one hand, she could not eat the one thing that had created her, but on another her stomach was screaming for something anything. After this thought, she could not think rationally anymore. Her mind was witness to her body taking over and beginning to animalistic eating the beautiful flower. It was as if she were a hungry lion that was gleefully devouring a Gazelle. After eating the flower the woman was hit by a amazing force and power.

Her whole system was electrified. She was so full of energy now that she could light up the universe. But suddenly a wave of sadness rushed over her and she began to weep. Her tears fell in her lap. She was weeping because she was alone. The flower was no more, and there she was. She angrily tried to remove her tears, and the flew from her lap and starting drifting out into the universe where they became stars. Amazed by the light from her tears she stopped crying and looked around into the vastness. But she was still alone so she decided to create some company. She did not know how, but when her tears became stars she was convinced that she could create anything. From her mere thought she created a man whose features were almost like her, but not with the same elegance and refinement. The man was more coarse and sturdy. His beard was black and curly. The man looked at her with confusion and she could see that he had the same feelings of despair  that she had when she first came to be. She walked towards the man and wanted to hold him and comfort him, but he turned her away and backed away. She put out her hand and told him that she did not want to harm him. He reluctantly took her hand and in that instant where their hands met a vision appeared to them both. They saw the world with it plenty and glory, and in that minute they both knew what their purpose was. They were to create the universe with worlds, animals, plants and people. They also saw that this creation would ultimately be their own demise.

The woman was filled with joy and happiness that her life would create such wonderful things, but the man was not, he wanted to create the same things, but he wanted to stay alive and control the world for ever.

They sat down by each others side, silently and patiently awaiting the other. Suddenly a voice in the woman head said calmly 'So it looks clear that we are in this together. What do you think that we should do. I don’t really feel like starting because starting will mean that we will also end. I am Vaatu, your creation, so you decide'. The woman knew that the voice belonged to the man next to her, and she learned that they did not have to speak because they were bond to each other and his thoughts were audible for her and vice versa. The woman replied 'I am Raava the creation of the most beautiful flower. I am happy that you are here, and I want to start right away'. Vaatu did not quite agree, and he wanted to protest, but he knew that he could not object or deny Raava anything. In that moment a tear between them was made, and Vaatu became able to withhold his innermost thoughts to himself.

Vaatu and Raava began their work. They created the sun, the moon and the planets. They worked well together and they enjoyed each others company and the difference in them made the universe both strong and gentle, good and bad. Vaatu and Raava loved working together but the tear and the fact that Vaatu did not want to finish made him hate.

When they had finished with the last planet Raava wanted to continue. Even though she had Vaatu she felt alone, and there was something missing. She wanted the flower, life and diversity to complete her vision. Vaatu was content with a pause and fought against the next step of creation. Within his mind he wanted to create a more dire and dark world than Raava. A world where he could be the master and control all things. And now their difference became known to them both. Raava wept and wanted to try and make their relationship strong again, but Vaatu had become stronger, and he was now able to withstand her request. He wanted to leave. He wanted to create his own world not the vision that they both saw when their hands first met.

They separated and Vaatu went far away. Raava was devastated. She was alone again and she sat awhile not knowing what to do. Suddenly inside her she heard the same voice that had said that she had to eat the flower. She knew then that the flower had not disappeared but was growing within her, and with that power she was able to create the life and diversity that she had so longed to do. She created the most beautiful trees and plants on a little blue planet. She created numerous animals that could inhabit this and live together in peace and harmony.


Meanwhile Vaatu had tried to create his own world, but he found that he was missing the most important thing. He was not able to do anything without Raava and the flower. One night when Raava was looking in content at her creation he came lurking back and grabbed her from behind. She startled and turned only to see Vaatu. They fought hard. Raava did not want to give her planet to Vaatu, and he was determined to get it and more importantly he wanted to get the power of creation that Raava had. After a long fight. They both laid dying on the little hill that Raava had made for her and the flower. Their blood combined and drops fell down and landed on the blue planet. When they hit the planet they were transformed into people. Both Raava and Vaatu saw it and knew that their creation was complete. They had created a person that contained both good and bad, Strenght and weakness. They looked at each other, smiled and vanished. On the place where they lay a beautiful flower appeared.


Made by, Signe Damgaard Gade


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