watership down: always here for you

Pipkin misses his mother very much and bigwig tries to comfort him,
Telling him his mothers watching over him.


1. AWays here for you

It was a a beautiful night at watership down as every rabbit was getting ready for bed. Pipkin was about to sleep but saw primrose singing a lullaby to her kits as he remembered his mother doing the same. He sighed.

Pipkin noticed blackberry and campion staring at him in worry.
"Pipkin are you alright? You look distracted" blackberry asked worried.
Campion nodded, "she's right pipkin, you haven't been yourself since yesterday" pipkin looked at them for a minute before he got angry.

"Maybe I'm just tired, alright, please just leave me alone" pipkin hopped out in anger as his sadness overcame him. Campion and blackberry was shocked.

"Maybe he should be alone" campion whispered. Blackberry agreed.
A certain bunny overheard this and decided to chat with pipkin.

Pipkin was looking at the stars, thinking about what happened....
He couldn't help but felt guilty at yelling at blackberry and campion.
Pipkin sighed as he remembered his mother scolding him once.

'I wonder what you are doing up there right now' pipkin thought sadly 

Pipkin didn't noticed someone hopped beside him....
"Are you alright lad?" ??? asked.
Pipkin looked to see who the voice was. It was the owsla captain, bigwig.
Pipkin sighed "I'm.... fine bigwig" 

Bigwig smiled down at him sadly. He knew pipkin was lying.
"Are you sure? You know you can tell me anything right?." 
Pipkin sighed. He knew he was lying as well and had no choice but to tell him.

"Well....it's about yesterday, where the families parents came around the warren, everyone has a mother, Mallow, gillia, snowdrop has primrose for their mother...... but me.... I don't have one" pipkin tried not to cry.

Bigwig was confused. He then realised what he was talking about.

Pipkin lost his mother because of a weasel and hazel and the group adopted him and became one of them. Poor pipkin has lost his whole world. Maybe that's why he was so tense when someone mentioned his mother.

"Oh, I get it now lad.  You thinking about your mother Right?" He asked softly.
Pipkin sniffed "yes... I miss her.... I wish she was with me again, I love her"

Bigwig sat next to pipkin and hugged him close"I know lad, but remember although she is not really with us now, she will always be here" he said while pointing to pipkin's heart.

"R-really, I just.....miss her so much..." Pipkin then burst into tears.

Bigwig hugged him closer "it's ok, don't cry pipkin, We all miss her, But she left us all a gift" Pipkin looked at him curiously "really? What gift" he asked puzzled.

"Each other"  bigwig smiled down at him "sometimes when we go to another place we are not alone. Our loved ones are always there watching over us. Just like your mother, violet  is right now"  bigwig smiled while hugging pipkin.

Pipkin snuggled up to his friend and smiled " I guess that's true, I guess mother did leave us a gift after all," pipkin looked up to bigwig,  smiled affectionately. "And don't forget....your father is with her as well so she isn't alone."
Pipkin smiled at bigwig.

"Thank you for everything bigwig" bigwig smiled warmly at this.
"No problem pipkin. I'm always gonna be here for you lad, even if your a bit crazy at times" bigwig joked as he ruffled pipkins fur. 
Pipkin giggled lightly.

Pipkin and bigwig were snuggled up to each other while looking at the stars,
Noticing a star twinkled brightly, it was his mother, violet.
Violet was watching over them while smiling. 

"I'm so proud of you, my little boy, i love you so much" 
Pipkin thought he heard his mothers voice but didn't seen anyone. 
He saw his bigwig looking at him smiling,

" heh, I guess it's getting late, we should be heading back to the warren now," 
Pipkin hesitated " um.....can't we sleep here tonight, it's peaceful and there's no war going on, so please" pipkin pleads bigwig to stay outside, he rather stay outside then inside because it was a beautiful night

Bigwig chuckled "alright,  pipkin but come here to get warm" 
Pipkin had done what he was told and got closer to him.
Bigwig wrapped his paws around him and pulled him closer to keep him warm.

"Goodnight...father....i love you" pipkin said warmly,

Bigwig was shocked at what he heard, yet he felt warm inside as he smiled at him, grateful. "Goodnight.....son....I love you too"
Both pipkin and bigwig closed their eyes and slept into the springs flowers, 

Pipkin finally knew that even though his mother are not with him, he has his new family to stick by him.  


.......It was thanks to them....that he has a new home.....and a second chance.

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