Sight (Zayn Malik)

Ren has always seen things. Not the crazy way, like hallucinating. No, like the way when she can see into a person's mind and discover their past or possible future.

When her abusive father and brother come after her when she's run away, how will she survive? And a mysterious boy with possibly a similar gift comes into the picture, how will life alter for Ren?

Can she spend her life running or learn to control the sight and everything that comes with it?


1. One

Ren's POV

I can't do this anymore. They're getting worse. The headaches are longer and the visions are more vivid. They're horrid. I can't control when they come and I can't will them away. If only mum was here to help me still. Why did she have to leave me? Why did that car run her off the road? If that guy had had any sense what so ever in him then things would be better.

Dad and Jim are angrier than ever. I don't know what I did to deserve this. I try to do everything right and it never ends well; not for me at least. I know I should be strong but I can't take it anymore. I have to leave.

I closed my diary and put it back in the drawer. I put the lock on the handle and put the key on it's chain and around my ankle where I always kept it. I knew when I was going but I didn't know where. My ribs still ache, the black and blue bruises slowly growing smaller everyday. My hair is a mess, my brunette hair in tangles around my shoulders and streaks of grease are visible in it. My blue/gray eyes are much darker than usual from crying. I have bags under my eyes and they're swollen red. I'm so thin that my red sweater falls off of my shoulders and pools around my wrists. My jeans are dirty and full of holes, my sneakers are falling apart and giving my feet blisters.

"Renae! Get your ass down here girl!" Dad called from the living room. I slowly got up from my chair in front of my desk. I opened my bedroom door and walked down the hallway. I felt as if I was beside my body, floating down the stairs and slowly fading away.

"Y-yes sir?" I quietly inquired. I didn't want to know what he called me for but if I didn't come down then they'd beat me again. Jim was laying on the couch and Dad was in the kitchen, holding a beer and cigar.

"Make us some food. Football's 'bout to come on and I ain't missin' it. So make yourself useful, and you might wanna discover this thing called soap. You smell like a damn sewer. I ain't dealing with you and your smells." Dad told me in a harsh tone. They always tell me I'm disgusting and need to bathe but if I tried then they'd hit me. They love playing mind games. It's awful and I hate them so much for it. That's why I'm leaving.

"Yes s-sir. W-what would y-you like?" I squeaked in a small voice.

"Just make us something you disgusting little brat."

I walked into the kitchen as slow as possible. I didn't pay attention to what I grabbed but it ended up looking like burgers. I heard footsteps behind me and I spun around fast. Jim, my older brother was standing there, glaring at me. He didn't say anything as he came closer in my direction. My head started to pound and my vision turned from my head to Jim's.

It was mum, standing in the kitchen. She's dancing, singing to a song on the radio. She turns around.

"Jimmy? You ready for lunch baby boy? C'mon, lets get you to the table." She says. She looks so happy.

Everything is suddenly dark. Rain and sorrow fills the air. Black suits and ties crowd the field under black umbrellas. Crying. That's all you can hear.
Then it all fades.

"It's all your fault you know." Jim spits at me. "If you had just stayed home instead of going to the library then she'd be here now. I wish you were dead instead of her." He lunges at me, gripping my arm with an iron fist.

I cry out. I can feel the welt form on my forearm. He grabs my already tangled hair and yanks it back, making my head slam against the wall. My vision flashes black and I see stars.

"You're disgusting and a whore. I hope you die a slow and painful death Renny." I remember when he used to call me that because I was his baby sister who he loved to death. Obviously not. Jim backhands my face and leaves me on the floor of the kitchen, crumpled in a ball.

Jim stomps out of the room after grabbing the plates with the burgers on them. When I finally gain the strength to get up, I walk as fast as possibly comfortable to my room. I shut the door and lock it. I snatch my bag off the floor and start packing what little clothes I have into it. It's really only a black t-shirt and shorts but more clothes is better than no clothes and I'm lucky to even have these. I put my favorite book, The Edge of Nowhere, into my bag along with my diary and three ink pens. I don't have a cell phone so there is no one I can call, besides, I don't have friends anyway.

I take one last look around my room, the walls are a pale gray, my bed has one thin blanket on it and no pillow, there's nothing else besides my desk and chair. No pictures, no memories.


I put my bag on my shoulder and open my window. I look down the ladder that leads to the back alleyway. The climb down is painful, my head is pounding and I can barely breathe from the ache in my ribs. Despite the pain, I sprint down the street and away from that house of horrors as soon as my feet touch the ground.


I'm starting a new life for myself and it won't have anything painful in it. Including the day mum died. It was my fault and I couldn't bear to live with the shame. All because I had to study.

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