how to get over a boy in one month

meet Brooklyn a girl who fell in love.
only to have her heart broken by 'him'......Myles James Nichols.
now lets see how she gets ocer him in one month.....


1. start

avery's pov--------------

Well my storys the classic i fell in love with a boy, gave him everything i had.

And he repaid me how? breaking my heart and cheating on me...

Follow me on my jorney of how to get over him.... Myles James ONE month....



i groaned and rolled out of bed...literally i fell on the floor with a thud i quickly got up and got into the shower.

Once i got out the shower i blow dried my hair and curled it i picked out an outfit i thought was cute a (cropped nike jumper ripped jeans and jordans) i then did my makeup concealer and powder then winged eyeliner and eye-shadow also my eyebrow palette. Then i went downstairs and grabbed a granola bar before putting on my backpack and shoes.

As i was walking to school i could felt my heart get faster with every step i took.

when i got to the school doors i tool a deep breath and held my head high walking into the school hallway people turned around and stared with shocked looks on there faces, as i inwardly smirked.

Step numbero uno: Pretend it dosent bother you....

i carried on walking to my locker unfortunately my locker was right next to 'his' i just pretend i didnt see him making out with that 'girl' (if thats what you can call her) against his locker i took another deep breath and walked to my locker opening it and taking out my correct books. i looked at my locker door to see a photo  of me and 'him' kissing pinned to it i ripped it off knowing he was looking. i closed the locker door and walked over to the bin smirking if i may add then ripped it up threw it in the bin and walked to my first class everyone and i mean EVERYONE was staring at me shocked. suddenly i was tackled  to the ground LITERALLY and looked up and saw my idiot of a best friend on top of me "OMG THAT WAS AWESOME." she screeched before getting up and pulling me up i just chuckled.

"AVI!!!!!!" a voice screamed instantly i knew it was justin instantly hes my boy best friend. i turned around just in time as he picked me up and twirled me around he then put me down i just giggled "hey jay". we then all walked to class people still looking at me with shocked faces....



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