Boarding School

Summary:The boys in 5 Seconds of Summer find out that they will be going to a boarding school along with the boys of One Direction, all the way in England.However, what Luke Hemmings did not expect was to fall for Selena. Ashton Irwin did not expect to fall for Selena's best friend, Ariana. Read to find out what happens between them and how fast things change for the girls.(Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande are not famous in this book). *Thanks to aurion for making this amaZAYN cover.


1. Prologue

Luke’s P.O.V  


I hate the fact that they are making us go to a boarding school for boys and girls. I really don’t want girls checking me out or fangirling over me all the time. I may seem like I have a massive ego, but it’s true, everywhere we go girls want autographs and/or pictures with us. It gets really annoying sometimes when I’m out shopping or handling personal business, but imagine living with girls who keep coming over to you, asking for an autograph.


“Hey Ashton, I hate the fact of the new school.’’ I complain for about the tenth time, since we found out.


‘’We all know Luke. You been complaining all day.’’ Ashton mumbles while massaging his temples, while Calum and Michael just nod in agreement.


“I just don’t see the point. Home schooling is way better, at least we are not surrounded by fans all day.”


‘’I get what you mean Luke, but this will be fun. It’s better than being home schooled because we will be able to make some friends, and it will be a great experience for us.’’ Calum remarks trying to convince me that a boarding school won’t be that bad, but I wasn’t entirely convinced.


‘’People will only want to be our friends because we are famous.’’


‘’Luke you are giving me a headache. Please shut up.’’ Michael was now literally begging me.


‘’Oh the boarding school we will be going to is in England. The One Direction boys will also be going there with us.’’ Ashton said whilst looking at his phone.


‘’Great at least some people we know will be going there.’’Calum says.


‘’We will be going to England. Yous should be happy mate.’’ Michael comes and whacks my back happily, for no reason.


‘’Well someone is excited to go to England. Maybe because of a special someone.’’ I mutter under my breath, hoping Michael doesn’t hear me. However,Calum and Ashton do, and start laughing.


‘’What are you guys laughing at?’’ Michael asks confused


‘’Nothing. They are just being idiots.’’


‘’Charming Luke. You are being very nice today.’’ Ashton says sarcastically after he stops laughing.


‘’Shut up.’’ I get up and hit him across the head, which causes him to groan in pain.


‘’Okay, so I’m just gonna ignore Luke, cuz he’s being a big downer.’’ Calum says, looking away from me.


‘’You are so nice Calum.’’ I say back sarcastically.


‘’Just gonna ignore.’’ He turned his back to me and placed a hand up, as in his palm facing me.

“Fine be like that.”I snapped back at him.

_____________________________________________________________________________THAT'S ALL FOR NOW SO YEAH, WELL THAT'S ALL TODAY DON'T FORGET 



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