The Outcast

Everyone has their own secrets, including the Masons. After Richard Mason's affair and his daughter born, Haleigh has to hold onto this burden. Life is hell for her, until another one of Richard's secrets are revealed and it changes her life forever. How long can Haleigh hold on? Will she survive the fight, or die trying?


1. Prologue

The Mason family, the perfect family, the definition of perfection. The most respected family in the neighborhood. The family of beauty, talent, and royalty. The family of unity. The family of purity. The family of similarity. All of the Mason’s looked the same, acted the same, and practically were the same, until now.


Richard Mason was the definition of the perfect child. Never put a toe out of line, first in all of his classes, handsome, and respectful towards everyone. Girls would swoon over him as he walked by and boys would clench their fists in jealousy. Out of everyone in the Mason family, he was the last on the list of possibly ringing the family into disgrace. He was perfect, or so we thought.


He didn't know what went wrong. He did everything right. He married a beautiful woman named Taylor Richardson and had 3 beautiful children named Cassiopeia, Leonardo and Lyra. Everything was going right, and how it was supposed to be.


Except one thing…





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