Miss America

Steve Rogers (Captain America) loves his daughter Maggie like the moon and stars, but being a single parent isn't easy, especially when you're an Avenger. Enter Steve's family, the Avengers, who make it their personal responsibility to see that their little Miss America grows up safe, protected, and happy.


1. The Phone Call

"Steve?" Coulson's voice blasted over the speakerphone of Steve's new cell. "Oh, thank God. Look, Coulson. I need help". "It's like two in the morning. Is this about Margaret?" Steve bounced the baby in his arms, attempting to bottle-feed her. "Maggie. I'm calling her Maggie". Coulson was silent for a moment. "Not... Peggy?" "No". More silence. "Okay. I thought- because Margaret- and you named..." "Coulson, I need your help!" Steve snapped. His stress was getting the best of him. "I can't get her to eat, Phil," said Steve, trying his best to stay calm. "What if she doesn't make it? I mean, I keep trying to give her formula but she won't take it". As if to emphasize her father's point, Maggie chose that moment to spit out her latest mouthful. Steve chocked back a little sob. Never in his life had he cared about someone so much, and Steve was notorious for leading with his heart. She was just so small...

"May and Jemma are on their way down," said Coulson. "I've been meaning to get back to New York for a while, but... What does she look like?" Steve knew that Coulson was trying to distract him, to calm him down, but he also knew that panicking wasn't going to help his daughter. He looked down at the squirming baby in his arms. "She's blonde. And small. She's beautiful". Steve could almost hear Coulson's smile on the other end of the line. "She looks a bit like me. Hey, um..." "Yes?" He bit his lip, fighting the urge to ask, then gave in. "Is there any way you could-" "Track down Cindy? No". Even though he had known it was coming, hearing Coulson's answer out loud felt like twelve extra pounds on his chest. "I'm sorry, Steve. You weren't married, and the most we would be able to get out of her is monetary child support. Cindy left the hospital without telling anyone. She didn't take Maggie, and she didn't even check out. She doesn't want anything to do with this family". 

"Sorry, Mags," Steve whispered to his tiny daughter. "Couldn't get your mom back".

"Okay, Google says that some babies like cold formula". "Cold formula? Wait, Google? I thought-" "Apparently neither May, Jemma, nor Fitz knows anything about babies, and Skye is refusing to get out of bed". Steve laid Maggie carefully in her living-room baby swing and ran to the kitchen to put her bottle in the refrigerator.


Steve sighed in relief as Maggie sucked happily on the cold baby bottle, her cheeks flushing pink as she drank. "It's okay, baby," whispered Steve. "We did it". He took the bottle and set it on the couch next to him. "You're so beautiful". Maggie snuggled tightly in his arms and fell asleep. 



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