1. Blake

I heard my alarm clock ringing in my ears. I slammed it to the floor and it stopped ringing... Thank god! It was my first day of school. I just moved here to New Jersey from Philadelphia. I put on my Hollister tank top,ripped  skinny jeans and my neon pink and white converse. I combed my hair and put on my makeup. Very simple makeup I don't like to attract attention. I grabbed my bag and ran down the stairs. One thing I forgot to mention, I live alone because I'm 18 and it's my last year in high school. I grabbed my keys and headed out the door. As I walked into the school all eyes were on me since I was fresh meat. But only this one guy caught my eye. He had shaggy brown hair and soft chocolate eyes. He was wearing a blue superman sweater which was the new trend. I then realized I was in all of his classes. My first class with him was history and he asked the teacher if he could sit next to me. It made me feel weird. He did the same things in all of our classes. During lunch I sat at the table close to the door which was a big no no In my last school but I didn't care I like to break the popularity rules. Then I see superman walking towards me. He sat next to me, put his arm around me and said " hey I'm Blake " I just looked at him then I said "hi I'm Aria" then I pushed his arm off my shoulder and I glared at him and said "look I've heard about u ur the popular kid and the player of the school and just so u know I'm not one of those whores u can fuck when u want" he just stared at me in shock and I walked away. I walked calmly to my locker to check my phone while everyone was in the cafeteria. Then someone put their hand over my mouth and dragged me to an empty classroom. I didn't see who it was but I didn't scream instead I bit the guys hand. "Oww" he screamed. Luckily we were in the classroom when this happened so no one heard. When I turned around it was Blake . " what the Fuck is wrong with u?" I yelled at him swinging a punch to his face but he grabbed my wrists and held them down so I couldn't hit him but I kicked him in the balls. He just layed on the floor in pain. After a while he got up and just eyed me from head to toe. It made me nervous and I worried about what I looked like. "What was that for!" He yelled "for dragging me in here" I shot back. " look I only dragged u in here cause I knew u wouldn't come if I asked" I interrupted and said "hell yeah I wouldn't" he continued. "Anyways I just wanted to correct u. I stopped being a player a long time ago so u have no reason to call me that and I like u" I just stared in shock at what he just said. "When I saw u walk into this school I felt attracted and I wanted to know more about u" he continued. "Ugh I don't know what to say." I mumbled. "Don't say anything" he whispered. He put his arms around my waist and pulled me into a kiss. I didn't know if I should be doing this. I was going to pull away but couldn't his kisses are like an addictive drug. Then finally he pulled away. He smirked and said " I thought u hated me" he asked winking. I smirked and said "I do this is just a hate love relationship" he smiled and put his hands around my waist and whispered in my ear "don't be looking at other guys cause ur mine now" I just looked and him and smiled and then we realized we were going to be late for class so we went to our lockers which were right next to each other and we went to class. He looked at me In xEvery class for the rest of the day. Then finally the last bell rang. I was the first one out of the class. I was running towards my car because it was Friday and I wanted to get home to go to my favorite club. Karma.  I got to my car and I was opening the door a hand pushed the door closed but I couldn't see who. Then I turned around only to see derek biting his lip. "No don't turn around I liked the view" he said pouting. I just rolled my eyes and got into my car. Then he got into the second passengers seat. "Where are we going?" He asked I looked at him and said "well IM going to Karma" he looked at me in shock. "Ok let's go then but drop me off at my house so I can change" he said in a husky voice. I just started the car and dropped him off. I changed into a pink crop top, leather booty shorts, and black stilettos. Then I went to Derek's house. I rang his door bell. He came out and stared at me and bit his lip. "Damn u look hot" he said as he walked by. I playfully but seriously punched his arm. It didn't hurt him at all so he just laughed. He got into my car and we got to the club. I got him drunk as hell. He kept trying to kiss But i kept smacking him. Then i drove him home.  I let him kiss me before he left. We just sat there making out. Then i pulled away. Then he got out of the car and started screaming that he had kissed me. I took him inside and…. I found out he wasn’t drunk he only pretended to be drunk to get me to kiss him. I smacked him really hard. Then he just hugged me. I gave up and hugged him back. It was 3:30am. We went up to his room and watched scary movies.  Two days later I got drunk and hooked up with some guy and i regret it. Blake saw. I tried apologizing but he called me a slut and walked off. Then i saw him in the club but when i went up to him i saw him hooking up with some bitch ass skank. I ran out in rage. A month later i heard a knock at my door. There was a bouquet of roses and a little note. It said meet me in the park at 5:00. I ran to the park and saw him sitting on a bench with a little box. He saw me and just kissed me and i didn’t fight it. He got on a knee and opened the box. “Aria Will you marry me?” i started crying. “no” then i started to walk off but he grabbed me. I passed out. I only passed out because i missed him so much and i didn’t want to say no but i had to. I still hadn’t forgiven myself for what i did. I forgave him though. I woke up in my room. i saw derek sitting in the corner of the bed. i said “yes” then passed out again. Like two hours later i woke up completely. I was freezing and derek realized that. he got under the blanket and hugged me. We both fell asleep like that. 

We dated for Two months then it was time for the wedding. Everything was blue except my dress. We were in Hawaii and our the wedding was on the beach.  

“ I do” Blake said looking into my eyes “  I do” i said looking into his. You may now kiss the bride and he did. From that day we lived a crazy life. We went bungee jumping and skydiving and we shot each other with paintball guns. We became world wide famous for doing the craziest things and then we were happy.

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