Never: In A Million Years

Heidi Kashmir is starting to regret letting her new roommate giving her the idea to relax and party. If she never had listen to the persuasive teen, maybe she didn't have to see the face of a stubborn boy again. The boy so-called "Louis the Great" and who will get mad if you call him "Lewis".

Never in a million years, would Heidi think that he's the one for her because like they always say “Anything Can Happen.”


1. Goodbye Home , Hello College


College, to some people is a place where all the big parties are at, or where you can be free from your nagging parents, also when you have all responsibility. If you ask me what’s my definition of college is, I would call it another step to success, nothing much.


Today, is that day when I take that step to success, the day I call myself a  women, also when I go back to school.


"Heidi! Heidi?" my mom holler from downstairs, I could tell she was making me a special breakfast due to the strong aroma of bacon and eggs that dance across my room.


"Yeah?"  I yelled back, getting out of my bed, rushing to my personal bathroom and push my natural wavy blonde hair into a ponytail, then brush my teeth.


"Are you awake?" she asks.


"Yes, of course mom, I was up for hours." I spoke a lie, forcing down a V-neck shirt  and a pair of skinny jeans. That I  nicely sat folded on the toilet seat, and then almost fell down on the cold hard ground as I fiddling into my skinny jeans. I bit my tongue as so much profanity was about to be loose from my innocent mouth. I will never in a million years will use such an unprofessional language.


I got up and went back into my room and grab the book that layed on my dresser."Rule number One: Wake Up early, so you don’t have to rush." I wrote into my little writing journal, that my mom gave me for my 15th birthday.


"Heidi! Heidi?" my mother aforesaid my name again


"Yeah Mom?" I ask; slipping into a nude color flats, then walk down stairs. To see my mom, and sister, Lesa, sitting at the table eating. "Yeah." I said again.


"Foods, done." she simply said, reading a newspaper, something she always do to avoid any conversation with me.


I mumble an 'okay' before sitting next to my 4 year old sister, and started to eat the well done looking bacon.


"So, will you miss me Lesa?" I said, trying to avoid the process that my mom was making. I look at the green eyed, brown haired girl, to see her shaking her head 'no'.


"And why's that?" I ask her, kind of shock. And hurt. “I just know that you will come back, and will call me all the time, that's why I wouldn't miss you." she said, and my mom and I awed at her cuteness.


"Well, even though that's true, But Heidi is going miss you more,24/7." I smile as i cooed at the toddler. Then continue to eat knowing that my cab should be here in a half of hour.


"I'm sure that I'm going to miss you too, Heidi." mom said, chomping down her eggs.


"I know you will, mom" I huffed, knowing that she really needs me for Lesa, when she at work. But now since I won't there, she has to spend her little amount of money for someone to care for the hyperactive toddler, all day and night.


"Did you find anyone to care for Lesa?" I ask in curiosity.


"Um...yeah, you know my friend Bethany? Her daughter, Carly, is going to babysit her for a week then your dad is doing the next week." she told me, putting her empty plate in the sink.


I was quite surprise that mom had the courage to talk to dad and he said 'yes' to her respond. Ever since they got that divorce, I would never think that they would ever communicate.


"Is this a sign of them getting back?" I thought to myself, but it turns out to be a whisper to my mom.


"What did you said?" she asks looking my brown eyes, as she arch her eyebrow.


"Nothing, oh nothing." I blush with a weird smile on my face. Then I heard a honk from outside, must be the cab.


"Mum, that's the cab. Walk me to it?" I ask, knowing she couldn't take off of work to come with me.

"Um...yes sweetie." she said, getting up from her seat, then I took my sister hand, and then grab my two duffel bags and my guitar with my other hand.


this a story of mine from wattpad im homing that it will get to be a real book, i was also think should i translate it ?


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