I Don't Belong Here Anymore.


1. Chapter 1

The world's not the same anymore. Not after my mother died. That was a month ago. A month today. I'm still in shock. They said that she died of an unknown cause. But I don't think so. They killed her. They're lying to protect themselves. Mum didn't mean to say what she did. It came out wrong and that's why they killed her. She was talking to me able how the world's cruel and that the human race is cruel itself. She knew she wasn't meant to say that. I still don't know why she did. It was like she was asking for a death wish. 

I know they killed her because they heard. We were watched. We are still being watched. There are cameras everywhere in our society now. But people don't know that. Them people outside? They don't know the truth. I got lucky. I found out. No one would believe me if I told them. And even if I would tell somebody, I couldn't. Not without them listening in too.

Mum didn't know about the cameras, but she still shouldn't have said what she did. I know that now. But it's too late. It won't change anything. It's uncomfortable to know that everything we do, every move we make is caught on camera. It's like we're trapped. As if we're stuck inside some sort of prison. I hate it.

And everyday, my hatred for them grows a little more...

It finally makes sense now. All the mystery deaths that ever happen in my society. It's because they kill them. Our government are killers.

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