Bully, me?

Bullies we all hate them. But, we don't really understand why they bully. Here is a story.


1. Taylor

I really don't see myself as a bully. I have been referred as a "Bully", but I really don't understand. I don't bully anyone, I just serve justice. A good citizen, that is what I see myself. So, I was very shocked and upset when this girl in my school called me a bully. Do they even know what a bully is? probably not. A bully is someone who constantly harasses and torments someone just for the pleasure of it, apparently it makes that person feel better, stronger. But, I don't do that. All I do is, just show how it feels to be slammed to the lockers, how it hurts to be kicked and laughed at to the true bullies. I should be worshiped as a hero. Instead, I am always hearing people talk about me, making me sound like this evil villain.

They bullied me. It's their fault, not mine. Nobody understands how it feels like to be me, a victim who is said to be a bully. I don't mean to hurt people, just show them how it feels like to be me. You don't know how many times I have cried myself to eat, don't know how it hurts to feel isolated, feel like such a loser. But, I have. It hurts, I was an easy victim for the bullies. I wasn't perfect, but then no one is. I had geeky glasses but I loved them, lovely black hair in plaits which I loved my mum for plaiting. I thought school life was going to be fun, make some new friends, do well in all my classes and succeed in life. But, that wasn't how it was for me. My first day at school was the worst, being tormented by my bullies, who laughed at me. They made me feel like a loner, school was hard for me. It didn't help, that my father was dating girls, who were just a few years older than me, who were everything I wasn't. Beautiful. Glamorous. Perfect. I felt like a shattered tea cup, beside all the other perfect ones. I did my best, you have to know this. I tried so hard, but at the end it just wasn't enough. I wasn't one to resort to violence, but now it's necessary at times, it's their fault for making me this person.

I was like a lot of other girls, hating the way I looked, disgusted at my weight, feeling like I didn't belong. The bullies made it worse. It's funny really, how I became the one thing I hated. A bully. The thrill of slamming their priceless little faces against the lockers, the anticipation of watching as they watched over their shoulders for me, makes me laugh at times. But, I'm not a bully really, I only bully those who bully others, say it's karma. We all deserve to feel the consequences of our actions. Now, as I watch my prey, like a hunter, with a cruel smile plastered on my face, awaiting for my next victim. I wonder what my mother would say seeing me now. A bully. She would call me evil, hate me for what I do. She's not the only one. I hate myself. I hate them. They made me into this. A bully.

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