Lorna's daughter... (Waterloo Raod)

Lorna is the deputy head & science teacher at Waterloo Road. She is very professional & keeps herself to herself.
Lorna has ran away from her old life... She was living in Wales with her husband, Rob and her 14 year old daughter, Ellie however after being unhappy for years she took of one day - no explanation what so ever... she had left Rob and Ellie to start up a new life...
What she didn't know, was that Rob was in Scotland with their daughter and knew exactly where to find his missing wife.


1. 'What are you doing here?!'

It was what seemed like a normal day for Lorna, she'd had 3 classes that morning... 1 Darren had been gobbing off in, another Leo had his laptop confiscated and in lesson 3 Scott had been winding Kenzie up, so everything was normal as far as Lorna was concerned. Lorna was in the staff room, she was sat with Sonya having a bit of a laugh, she checked her watch and realised it was approaching 1pm, she got up and grabbed her coat, she headed out to the yard where she joined Marco on duty.

'Hey' Marco smiled to her as she approached him

'Hi' she smiled to him

The 2 engrossed in conversation and time passed by quickly. Lorna was standing away from the school, Marco was opposite and could see everything around him. He noticed a man, mid 30's walking towards the door, Lorna was to busy paying attention to Marco to notice.

'Excuse me? Can I help?' Marco said walking towards the unknown man

Lorna turned around to see who Marco was talking to, her face dropped as she came eye to eye with what seemed like her worst nightmare

'Hello stranger' Lorna's husband said to her. Marco was still unaware as to who Lorna was talking to.

'Marco, can you cover duty for me please? I need to deal with this...' Lorna said looking to Marco

'Yes, of course. Anything I can help with?'

'No... Thanks though' Lorna said walking off, Rob following her inside.

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