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Kaden Edwards, Rose Ennerdy, and Colby Cragsky were three innocent children growing up during the poverty-stricken year of 2187. They are snatched away from their homes and taken to a strange planet called Iasteron, which is an alternative version of Earth. There, the kids are taken to Greywyn Academy of Magic and renamed Dlav Geinse, Chasica Kip, and Brummett Camwef.

Three kids from three completely different world must learn to survive in a strange school in a strange new world. Will they get along, or will they kill each other?


1. Beginning

In the city of Albya, Hatfieldland (where the city of London, England once stood), on August 27, 2187, 13-year-old Kaden Edwards was outside doing chores with his cousin, Amos Rigley. Kaden had lived with the Rigley family for most of his life, having been found by Ametrine Rigley when he was just 2 years old, wandering around in the woods. She and her orphaned grandchildren Amos, Lilith, and Jarvis took him in and raised him with the help of their extended family. 

Kaden's best friend was a girl named Rose Ennerdy, an orphaned girl living with her aunt in the impoverished village of The Prospects. They had known each other almost their entire lives and often stuck to each other like glue. There was no one living in The Prospects who did not see Kaden and Rose hanging around the town or the lake that was right behind the Rigley's cabin.

But on August 27, 2187, all of that changed forever.

On that day, Kaden and Amos were in the woods gathering sticks for the fire when they heard a loud scream. "KADEN!!" It was Rose (who had gone for a walk in the woods), and a large disembodied hand was around her waist. "Help me!" she cried out as the hand began to drag her away.

Kaden wasted no time; Rose was in grave danger. He reached out and grabbed Rose's hand, refusing to let her go. Amos went back home to raise the alarm. Kaden and Rose struggled for a few moments, until another disembodied hand snatched Kaden away from Rose. "Kaden, NO!!!" Rose screamed, thinking that the hand was going to dash Kaden against the rocks and possibly kill him.

But that never happened, as Kaden was being taken away right along with Rose. Both kids screamed in horror as the hands pulled them directly into a portal, which led them to a completely different world.

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